Fight fraud in telecommunications

Mobile network operators have long been targets for fraud and revenue risk.  The nature of these companies’ businesses – providing huge volumes of communications services to vast numbers of people – mean these companies generate significant revenues.  Wherever revenues are large, risk of fraud will be too. Mobile service providers generate revenues in two ways.  […]

Protecting your organisation from itself: The threat from within and how to mitigate it

In February of this year security researchers proved that with a simple USB drop in a hospital it was possible to hack patient records, critical medical equipment and patient monitors. Vital signs could be manipulated, drug doses changed and medical equipment operated remotely. You can find the full whitepaper here by Bryan Lillie, QinetiQ’s Chief Technology Officer.

Is your CCTV system safe from cyber attack?

This whitepaper provides insight into CCTV systems and cyber attacks from serial entrepreneur, James Wickes. James has 30 years’ experience in IT and is the CEO and co-founder, Cloudview. Across society, visual surveillance plays a vital role in the protection of people, property and assets. But traditional DVR-based CCTV systems leave companies vulnerable to attack […]