Whitepaper: Ransomware – Defense in Layer

Ransomware isn’t new and it’s here to stay. Even though you can’t make your organization completely immune against ransomware attacks, you can mitigate the risks when you have a backup solution that not only ensures comprehensive backup and recovery, but also shields your backups and other data from exposure to ransomware perpetrators. This white paper […]

eBook: Data Privacy in Public Cloud

In a way, the challenges related to data privacy in the public cloud is like an exponential of an exponential.  Use of private data is growing exponentially.  The proportion of that data held in the public cloud is expected to double between 2018 and 2025.  There has been an explosion in activity from data privacy […]

eBook: From Privacy to Preference

2 years after GDPR’s implementation (Europe), and just a couple of months after CCPA’s launch (United States), marketing departments are still in the dark about the data they can collect and how they will be authorised to use them. Consent management is still causing headaches to those who are involved in collecting, storing and sharing it [...]

eBook: Data Protection Is Everyone’s Job, so It’s No One’s Job

Implementing data protection is an ambiguous area of responsibility for too many organizations, and well-meaning truisms like “Security is everybody’s job” do not help the situation. Long experience in the field across different industries confirms this, whether the businesses in question create software for external customers or only for internal use. Given the lack of clarity about who is […]

Whitepaper: Insider Data Breach Survey 2020

97% of CISOs are worried about insider data breaches. And with unreliable employees their primary ‘alert system’ and patchy technology deployments to mitigate this risk, it’s no wonder why.. In our second annual Insider Data Breach Survey, we examine prevalence of insider data breaches and their impact, and importantly, why they continue to occur. The […]

Whitepaper: A better way to manage the privacy of consumer data

Data is the lifeblood of business. Every day companies digitally capture an ever increasing amount of information about consumers’ lives, behavior and online activity. Nearly every online interaction a business has with its customers and potential customers involves sharing something potentially sensitive: a password, an address, a credit card number, location, even DNA. This proliferation of […]

Whitepaper: Does Office 365 deliver the email security and resilience enterprises need?

With 60% of corporate knowledge workers reporting that email remains their most commonly used mode of communication, email continues to be the backbone of enterprise communications and could be considered the most critical infrastructure for daily operations.1 Cloud-delivered email services are rapidly becoming the preferred implementation approach by IT organisations. With over 155 million users […]