Whitepaper: Legally sound consent management- everything you need to know

Classification, checklists and practical tips for the correct approach to cookies and other web technologies. Consent in everyday life consists mainly of a “yes or no” question. In contrast, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) adopts a far more multi-layered term for consent and links strict requirements to valid consent. A simple situation which becomes […]

eBook: Nine reasons why security leaders need to re-evaluate email security

In September 2020 Gartner released an update of its Market Guide for Email Security. The report begins by stating that “Dramatic increases in the volume and success of phishing attacks and migration to cloud email requires a re-evaluation of email security controls and processes. Security and risk management leaders must ensure that their existing solution […]

Whitepaper: Four Technologies Combine To Protect You From Ransomware Attacks

Why Read This Report As the ones responsible for recovering from outages, infrastructure and operations (I&O) pros have successfully managed recoveries from all failures but one: ransomware. Ransomware attacks do not result in the familiar type of outage; they often put the backup infrastructure itself under siege. It’s not about just recovering from a backup; […]

eBook: Tackling Data Security and Compliance Challenges – Three questions every CIO should ask about their data storage security

Three questions every CIO should ask about their data storage security. As a chief information officer, it’s your job to ask tough questions. After all, your CEO depends on you to oversee the technological direction of your organization—and to do it while striking a delicate balance between managing costs and providing the technical capabilities your […]

Whitepaper: Ransomware Protection Buyer’s Guide – Facts, myths, and real-world examples of how to protect your data from ransomware

The Growing Need for Ransomware Defense Ransomware impacts both big and small organizations across every industry. Attacks are on the rise, and their costs continue to soar. In fact, ransomware attacks increased 41% globally in 2019, with 205,000 businesses having lost access to their data. This year, ransomware is expected to cost organizations up to […]