Cyber-security needs more work for businesses in east England

A new study has painted the cyber-security integrity of counties in the east of England in a worrying light. The report, conducted by Ipswich office of financial advisers, Grant Thornton, has concluded that companies in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex are not taking cyber-security seriously enough, and are therefore more vulnerable to cyber-attack. Over 50% of […]

Cyber-crime high on police agenda in Lancashire, UK

 A new police department set up in Lancashire is helping the region’s police forces to tackle cyber-crime more effectively. The newly launched Digital Investigations and Forensics Department cost £2.7 million to develop and sits within Lancashire Police’s HQ in Hutton. It employs a number of cyber-crime experts and a range of new technologies designed to […]

Somerville: Second U.S city to ban facial recognition

Somerville, Massachusetts has become the second city in the US to ban the use of facial recognition technology.  The “Face Surveillance Full Ban Ordinance” passed Thursday night by Somerville’s City Council, bans the use of facial recognition software in public spaces by any agency, department, bureau and/or subordinate division of the City of Somerville. The […]

Pressure mounts on patchwork data privacy laws across US states

Enterprise resistance to tightening data privacy standards is increasing in the US, as states develop their own online data protection laws. Among the nation’s most stringent restrictions upon ISPs (internet service providers), a law put in place in Maine last month prevents companies from using, selling or sharing consumer data without the data owner’s consent. […]

Smart home vendor leaks 2 billion records

The Chinese company, Orvibo, has leaked more than two billion records containing customers’ sensitive data due to an exposed database.  Researchers, Noam Rotem and Ran Locar, at vpnMentor discovered the database mid-June, and found that the exposed Orvibo database had included “over 2 billion logs that record everything”.  Orvibo is a company that manages smart […]

Australian student training firm caught up in data breach

A data breach investigation has been launched after an open an S3 bucket exposed data from a student management system. The data set was under the management of a student data systems provider, Tribal Campus. The breach is understood to have affected overseas students belonging to Australian training firm, Ability English and MEGT Institute. According […]

Phoney militia chief’s Facebook page used in malware campaign

Tens of thousands of Facebook users have been lured into divulging their personal details to a hacker, an Israeli cyber security firm claims. According to Tel-Aviv-based Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, a hacker who is thought to be Libyan, used malware to obtain account holders’ confidential data and gain access to users’ smart devices. Check […]

A rise in cyber-incidents reported by financial services firms

Data from a freedom of information request (FOI) made by the accountancy firm RSM, revealed that financial services firms reported 819 cyber incidents to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in 2018.  The data presented a clear rise of incidents that had been reported from 69 incidents in 2017 to 819.  It was also discovered that […]