US data breach action sends risk warning to UK dealers, experts say

In June, Iowa-based software provide, DealerBuilt settled with the FTC over a 2016 data breach which saw a hacker gain unauthorised access to DealerBuilt’s database. The hacker obtained the personal and private data of around 12.5 million consumers, held by 130 dealership clients. According to experts at ecommerce solutions vendor, iVendi, the action taken against […]

Energy grid prioritised in US cyber security  

The past two months have seen the US continue to develop cyber protection of the country’s national energy grid, while New York has passed new data breach notification laws. The Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security (SHIELD) Act will bring new definition to how and when companies in the Empire State must inform both […]

CCPA 12-month compliance series pt5: responding to consumer requests

By Dominique Shelton Leipzig, Bo W. Kim & Gabriella Gallego  At the core of complying with the CCPA is knowing how to deal with consumer’s requests with respect to any of the eight rights regarding their personal information (PI), which are: An abbreviated right to disclosure regarding PI collected (§1798.100) An expanded right to disclosure regarding PI collected (§1798.110(a)) […]

Uncertainty reigns as CCPA deadline draws near

According to a new study, companies in the US remain largely unprepared for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) which will come into being at the start of next year. The findings have led the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) to reiterate their preference for a national privacy regulation in the US. The ANA also […]

Confirmed: Alexa voice recordings are kept forever

In a letter, Amazon has confirmed that Alexa holds voice recordings indefinitely unless users manually remove them.  US Democrat Senator Chris Coons sent a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in May, requesting answers on Alexa and the length of time it kept recordings and transcripts.  Amazon’s vice president of public policy, Brian Huseman replied […]

Cybersecurity should be the responsibility of law enforcement, survey says

A report by Palo Alto Networks explored the attitudes towards new cybersecurity technologies and how they protect their digital way of life. The study, surveyed over 10,000 respondents in EMEA, and found over a quarter of respondents (26%) would rather their cybersecurity be managed by artificial intelligence (AI) than a human. In the UK, only […]

Lake City cyber-attack leads to IT director’s dismissal

A ransomware attack on Florida’s Lake City has led to the city council’s director losing his job. The Lake City attack resulted in the city’s computer systems being disrupted for three weeks, city manager Joe Helfenberg said. In June, Lake City council elected to pay the $460,000 ransom to the hacking element in return for […]

NHS remains vulnerable to cyber-attacks

According to a whitepaper by Imperial College, the NHS must take urgent steps to defend itself against hackers. The findings of the whitepaper on NHS Cyber Security was written by researchers from Imperial College London’s Institute of Global Health Innovation, and was presented at the House of Lords.  The report collated evidence from NHS organisations […]

CCPA: why ‘wait and see’ doesn’t work

By Teresa Troester-Falk, Chief Global Privacy Strategist at Nymity The one-year anniversary of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) recently passed, but the global landscape of privacy legislation continues to change on what, at times, feels like a daily basis. Much of the current discussion is now turning to the California Consumer Privacy […]