Police data-share put King’s College London in breach of GDPR

A review of cyber-security procedures has concluded that King’s College London violated EU data laws when it shared personal and private data of politically active students with police authorities. King’s College London (KCL) has now handed itself into the Information Commissioner’s Office. The review also concluded that none of the data subjects had “been part […]

In loving memory, alpha-numeric passwords

By Geoff Anderson, CEO, PixelPin The term “data breach” will send shivers down the spine of any business leader. A string of high profile cyber-attacks has highlighted that nobody is safe and businesses of all sizes are looking at how they can protect themselves from risk. Companies are making wide-scale investments in security to protect […]

Most consumers do not trust retailers with their data

A new study shows that 67% of shoppers do not feel confident in fashion retailers’ ability to protect their personal data.  The data, coming from research made by Retail Economics consultancy in partnership with law firm, Penningtons Manches Cooper, revealed that over half (55%) of individuals polled said they did not see the value of […]

U.S Cyber Command issues warning about APT 

On July 2, the U.S Cyber Command issued a warning about a vulnerability in Outlook that had been exploited by a threat group.  “USCYBERCOM has discovered active malicious use of CVE-2017-11774 and recommends immediate #patching,” the command tweeted on Tuesday.  The vulnerability CVE-2017-11774, had been discovered by security researchers from SensePost in 2017 and was […]

Report reveals more than half of employees don’t adhere to security policies

According to a survey by Barracuda Network, 87% of respondents predicted email threats to increase in the coming year.  The survey of 280 high-level decision makers revealed in a blog post that 75% of respondents had witnessed a steady increase in email attacks against their own organisation, over the past three years. Just under half of […]

Max Schrems to meet Facebook in court on 9th July

Austrian privacy activist, Max Schrems will once again go up against Facebook in the European Court of Justice. The outcome of the case could bring new strength to EU citizens’ data rights, and dictate the way companies around the world move private information around. Central to the case is the way the social network and […]

Nearly a third of people in the UK prefer passwords over biometric credentials

A report by GMX surveyed 1050 people in the UK and found that 30% of respondents prefer typing a password to access their online and mobile accounts.  A further 30% of respondents stated that they had at least 10 different online accounts, to which 43% felt overwhelmed by the number of passwords they had to […]

Germany fines Facebook for under-reporting complaints

Facebook are being fined €2m by Germany’s Federal Office of Justice for under-reporting the number of complaints it received about illegal content. Under Germany’s internet transparency law known as NetzDG, it is required for social media companies to report the number of complaints its receives regarding illegal content. However Facebook have been found violating the […]

US data breach action sends risk warning to UK dealers, experts say

In June, Iowa-based software provide, DealerBuilt settled with the FTC over a 2016 data breach which saw a hacker gain unauthorised access to DealerBuilt’s database. The hacker obtained the personal and private data of around 12.5 million consumers, held by 130 dealership clients. According to experts at ecommerce solutions vendor, iVendi, the action taken against […]