Post-Brexit UK adequacy decision at risk due to data-sharing agreement with US

The EU’s data protection watchdog has said that the UK-US agreement entered into in 2019 could undermine the UK’s chances of receiving an adequacy decision The European Data Protection Board wrote to the European Parliament on 15 June 2020 outlining their concerns that the UK-US agreement to facilitate access to electronic evidence in criminal investigations […]

Cognizant discloses data breach

IT services giant Cognizant has announced that a ransomware attack has resulted in unencrypted data being accessed.  On April 17, Cognizant began warning its clients that the company was targeted by the Maze Ransomware so that they could disconnect themselves from Cognizant and protect themselves from the ransomware.  In a notice of data breach, filed […]

Norway drop contact-tracing app after Amnesty privacy investigation

Norway has abandoned plans to introduce a contact-tracing app to combat coronavirus after Amnesty investigation revealed its live-tracking capabilities Amnesty International’s investigation into COVID-19 contact tracing apps across Europe, Middle East, and North Africa showed that Bahrain’s ‘BeAware Bahrain’, Norway’s ‘Smittestopp’ and Kuwait’s ‘Shlonik’ present the biggest threats to privacy due to their live-tracking capabilities. […]

#Privacy: Microsoft becomes the latest US company to ban facial recognition sales to police

Microsoft is joining IBM and Amazon in halting the use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement, until further regulation is enforced.  In a statement, Microsoft explained that until there was “strong national law grounded in human rights”, the company would not sell its facial recognition technology to US police departments.  Microsoft first called for […]

Defending your data during a pandemic

With a global pandemic ongoing, attackers are capitalising on the chaos and disruption to spread malware and gain access to personal and sensitive data. We’re already bearing witness to a significant increase in phishing and targeted spear-phishing campaigns; Google reports scammers are sending 18 million Covid-19 related emails to Gmail users every day to try […]

#Privacy: FBI warns public to be cautious when downloading mobile banking apps

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has warned the public that increased use of mobile banking apps could lead to exploitation by threat actors.  The agency’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) says that due to the pandemic Americans are increasingly using mobile devices for activities like transferring funds and cashing checks. It said studies […]