A tale of two countries: how India and Argentina are dealing with privacy during the Covid-19 crisis.

In India, says Tripti Dhar, Partner, Reina Legal, “India does not have a specific data protection legislation.” In Argentina, it is about as different from that as you can imagine. As Mariano Peruzzotti, Senior Associate, Marval O’​ Farrell & Mairal  said: “We have a very strict data protection law in Argentina, covering a lot of […]

Rethinking ‘Disproportionate Effort’ exemption under GDPR for web-scraping

-A Legal Consultancy firm wants to access all the names and contact details of Solicitors in UK. -A marketing agency needs contact details of potential customers so it can promote products/services to them, be it via e-mail , phone or post. In all these circumstances, the business in question will need access to vast amounts […]

UK businesses quick to spot cyber breaches but failing to stop cyberattacks, Accenture finds

Hackers are having more success in the UK than other countries, according to research from Accenture which reveals that UK organisations need more consistent cyber defences. Almost one fifth of attempted targeted cyberattacks in the UK successfully breach security, compared with just over a tenth as the global average. Accenture’s State of Cyber Resilience report […]

Webinar: Leveraging Retail Customer Data: Navigating the Conflict Between Achieving Compliance and Staying Competitiv

Join the upcoming webinar on Leveraging Retail Customer Data Sydney Boncoddo, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Privitar, and Helen Woollett, Group Compliance Counsel & Data Protection Officer at The Body Shop will explore how access to data is more important than ever before, as consumer behavior adjusts to evolving governmental regulations in our upcoming webinar […]