#Privacy: Nedbank users impacted by data breach

Nedbank Group, one of South Africa’s largest banks, has disclosed a security incident warning customers of a potential impact of data.  In the notice, the bank explained that the breach occurred at Computer Facilities (Pty) Ltd., a third-party service provider that issues SMS and email marketing information for Nedbank.  Approximately, 1.7 million customers were potentially […]

#Privacy: Data breach exposes 144K Canadians

A recent report has revealed that in the past two years, 144,000 Canadians have had their personal data compromised by several government departments and agencies.  According to an 800-page document tabled in the House of Commons and filed by Conservative MP Dean Allison, across 10 entities there was a total of 7,992 breaches.  The Canada Revenue […]

#Privacy: Netanyahu’s party exposes entire voter registry

Likud, the party headed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has exposed the personal information of nearly 6.5 million Israelis. According to Ran Bar-Zik, a front-end developer for Verizon Media, the leak was discovered today whilst performing a security audit for Elector, an app developed for Lukid.  The app had been found to be misconfigured, […]

#Privacy: Health Share of Oregon discloses data breach

A stolen laptop has led to the exposure of personal information of Health Share’s members.  On November 18, 2019, GridWorks IC, Health Share’s contracted non-emergent medical transportation vendor, suffered a break-in and theft, to which on January 2, 2020, Health Share discovered that a laptop had been stolen.  The laptop contained member information including members’ […]

#PrivSecLDN: Ethics in data privacy among key themes at PrivSec London

Delegates at PrivSec London were able to learn about crucial issues affecting data privacy and cyber security over the conference’s two days at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, but its the importance of ethical approach to data handling stood as a key theme.   Attendees in the conference’s Public Sector heard how transparency is crucial: […]

#Privacy: Mayor of Racine refuses to pay ransomware demand

The City of Racine, Wisconsin, has become the latest victim of a ransomware attack after being struck on Friday.  The city’s computer systems were infected with ransomware on Friday morning, subsequently payment, email and voicemail systems were knocked offline.  Racine Mayor Cory Mason said in a news conference, that it appears that none of the […]