Google to launch Project Strobe in the autumn

On 15th October 2019, Google will launch Project Strobe as part of its bid to stop Chrome extensions from harvesting users’ personal data, reports reveal. The development falls within wider efforts among big tech firms to place bigger protections on users’ personal information and to give more priority to cyber-security. Under Project Strobe, software developers […]

Interview: Behind The Great Hack, with David Carroll

Released this summer on Netflix, The Great Hack is a documentary that explores the murky data-sharing relationship between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. To briefly recap, in 2014, the private data of up to 87 million Facebook users fell into the hands of UK-based Cambridge Analytica, a data intelligence company, or “full-service propaganda machine” if you […]

Over 50% of organisations believe attackers can infiltrate their networks

In the CyberArk Global Advanced Threat Landscape 2019 Report, only half of organisations believe they can stop cyber attacks. The report surveyed 1,000 global organisations and identified that although organisations view privileged access security as a core component of an effective cybersecurity program, this view has not yet translated into action.  This is evidenced by […]

Lancaster University hit by cyber attack

A “sophisticated and malicious” phishing attack has led to Lancaster university student’s personal data being stolen.  The university announced in a statement that undergraduate student applicant data for 2019 and 2020 entry had been accessed, this included their names, address, telephone numbers and email address. The statement wrote: “We are aware that fraudulent invoices are […]

Why employees are a threat to cyber security

The most common cyber attacks reported by UK companies in 2018 were all incidents that take advantage of employees and pose significant risks to businesses. According to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey, 80% of companies reported phishing attacks, while 28% noted incidents involving impersonating an organisation in email or online and 27% reported viruses, spyware […]

Over 60 US colleges breached via ERP exploit

The US Department of Education announced in a security alert that 62 colleges and universities have been compromised by hackers.  The hackers have been found exploiting a vulnerability in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) web app. The vulnerability only occurs in several versions (8.8.3, 8.8.4, and 8.9) of Ellucian Banner Web Tailor, which allows organisations […]