#Privacy: Working from home threatens corporate IT security

More than half of UK employees working remotely use unmanaged personal devices to access corporate systems A new study by CyberArk has revealed that employees’ work from home habits, including password re-use, are putting critical business systems and sensitive data at risk. The majority of remote employees (60%) are engaging in practices including using unmanaged, […]

#Privacy: Ransomware targets US nuclear missile sub-contractor

Threat actors were able to steal sensitive data after gaining access to the contractor’s computer network.  Westech International, headquartered in Albuquerque’s Louisiana Boulevard, provides engineering and maintenance support for the United States’ Minuteman III nuclear deterrent, an intercontinental ballistic missile.  According to Sky News, after gaining unauthorised access to the contractor’s computer network, threat actors […]

#Privacy: Ransomware gangs form extortion cartel

Ransomware gangs are teaming up to exchange intelligence and tactics.  Last November, Maze Ransomware operators revolutionised the threat landscape after releasing unencrypted data of a victim who refused to pay the demand. Maze then went on to launch “Maze News”, a website to publish the stolen data of its victims. Soon after, other ransomware families […]