Johannesburg electricity company struck by ransomware

Many Johannesburg residents have been left without power after a malware attack on one of the city’s electricity providers. The company, City Power, revealed yesterday that its networks had been shut down by malicious code, tweeting: “#Update City Power has been hit by a Ransomware virus. it has encrypted all our databases, applications and network. […]

Singapore bids to nurture new cyber talent to address deficit

The government in Singapore has underlined how improved regional and international cooperation, better government powers and more public awareness must combine to help tackle cyber-threats. According to the Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and Ministry of Health Amrin Amin, the global shortage in cyber-security professionals is a situation very much […]

Family forced to move home and change their names after breach

Details such as names, emails and residential addresses are among the many details often reported as “exposed” in data breach stories. But many such reports often fail to indicate how serious the real impact can be on innocent victims when their private data has been stolen. Reports now reveal how a UK family who adopted […]

IBM study finds data breaches are more expensive, harder to find and fix

New research published by IMB has concluded that data breaches are becoming more difficult to detect and repair, while the cost of sustaining a data breach is also becoming more expensive. In their new annual survey, the computer giant discovered that financial damage incurred due to a data breach has climbed 12% over the last […]

Monitoring in the Workplace – an international perspective on a changing environment

Technological advances are helping many employers to monitor their workforce in increasingly sophisticated ways, whilst at the same time, public attitudes towards individual data privacy are hardening. Two important drivers of these changes came to a head in 2018 – the advent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and the public’s changing […]