#privacy: Telegram bug that improperly deleted messages is now fixed

The messaging app has now resolved a privacy issue which allowed users to recover images and videos that had been “unsent” by other users. Telegram has a feature whereby users “unsend” sent messages from other people’s inboxes, however security researcher Dhiraj Mishra found that although Telegram had removed the messages from a user’s device, any […]

#privacy: U.S Secret Service investigates breach at federal IT contractor

The Secret Service is conducting an investigation into a breach at a Virginia-based government technology contractor. In a report by KrebsOnSecurity the breach resulted in several of the contractor’s systems seen put up for sale in the cybercrime underground.  In the middle of August, within a Russian-language cybercrime forum a member had offered to sell […]

#privacy: Database exposed over 190 million records online

A non-password protected database containing a total of 198 million records and 413GB of data was discovered on August 19.  Security researcher, Jeremiah Fowler, had come across the dataset several times but was unable to identify the owner. The dataset was “a compilation of potential car buyers wanting more information, loan and finance inquiries, vehicles […]

#privacy: Research reveals rapid increase in monetisation of IoT attacks

In a report released by Trend Micro, it was found that cybercriminals are focusing their attention to hacking Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The “Internet of Things in the Cybercrime Underground” report explained how IoT devices are increasingly being utilised within homes and businesses to improve user experience and services, therefore it becomes an “irresistible […]

#privacy: Menstruation-tracking apps found sharing user data with Facebook

Privacy International (PI) has found that period-tracking apps have been sharing the intimate data of users to third-party services.  In a new report by the UK-based privacy watchdog, out of the 36 apps that were tests, it was identified that 61% of them automatically transfer data to Facebook the instance a user opens the app.  […]

#privacy: Over 99% of cyberattacks rely on human interaction to be executed

Proofpoint has announced its annual The Human Factor 2019 report findings which is based on an 18-month analysis of data the firm collected across its global customer base. The report found that more than 99% of the threats observed required human interaction thus signifying the importance of social engineering to enable successful attacks.  It was […]

#privacy: Data breach in Australia may have hit 50,000 university students using “Get” app

Students in Australia who have downloaded Get, an events-scheduling app, may have had their private data compromised on the Internet. Around 50,000 students are believed to have been caught up in the potential breach, which has shaken university clubs and societies across Australia. The incident is the second leak of its kind linked to the […]