Database belonging to Spanish brothel chain exposed

An open and unprotected MongoDB was found exposing extremely sensitive information.  Security researcher, Bob Diachenko,  discovered the database on August 4th, and found that it belonged to a Spanish company managing a chain of “mens clubs” across the country. The database had contained extremely sensitive information including the full profiles of 3,350 girls, which had […]

Mighty mouse to the rescue in fraudio crime wave

There have been some innovative solutions  put forward in the war against “deep fake” or “fraudio” hacking – the use of highly accurate voice simulations of famous or important figures put together to deceive targeted individuals or groups online. Researchers in the University of Oregon’s Institute of Neuroscience are now attempting to train mice to […]

Modern gadgets can be turned into cyber-weapons

Research has revealed that gadgets can be hacked to emit harmful sounds. Head of research at PWC’s cybersecurity practice, Matt Wixley, unveiled his research at the Def Con hacking conference, in which he discovered the potential for devices with speakers to be hacked and turned into cyber-weapons.  “I’ve always been interested in malware that can […]

Saefko: new trojan being sold on the dark web

A new trojan, dubbed Saefko, has been found for sale on the dark web with tools to steal credit card details, crypto wallets and more.  Researchers from the Zscaler ThreatLabZ team explained how the new remote-access trojan (RAT), Saefko, has multiple functionalities –  thus presenting a unique business threat.  RAT is a type of malware […]

Ransomware detection jumps by 365%

Whilst business detections of ransomware have been soaring, consumer detections of ransomware have declined, reports reveal. In Malwarebytes’ new study, “Cybercrime techniques and tactics (CTNT): Ransomware retrospective”, consumer detections of ransomware has decreased 25% quarter over quarter, whilst business detections of ransomware has jumped significantly. The report explains that this is due to cyber-criminals looking […]

New trojan malware spreading through malicious Word documents

A new variant of the Ursnif trojan malware is now spreading via phishing emails with malicious Word documents.  The Ursnif trojan has been around since at least 2007, and has become extremely popular with cyber criminals, due to the source code being leaked online and thus being exploited by attackers.  Researchers at the cybersecurity firm, […]

Data breach takes TfL Oyster system offline

London’s Oyster card system has been taken offline, after engineers at Transport for London (TfL) found user accounts had been accessed by unauthorised parties.  TfL says that only a “small number” of customer accounts were broken into following their passwords and login codes being exposed on “non-TfL websites.” The transport firm stated: “No customer payment […]