Hackers can use a coffee machine to steal your identity

Hackers can steal bank details and personal information through coffee machines and smart TVs according to security expert. Vince Steckler, chief executive of security giant Avast, stated that cyber criminals can exploit vulnerabilities in Internet of Things (IoT) devices by compromising them and stealing the owner’s sensitive details. Thus hackers could access laptops, mobile phones, […]

More than 12,000 MongoDB databases deleted by attackers

The hacking group ‘Unistellar” has reportedly accessed and stolen over 12,000 unsecured MongoDB databases. The databases are reportedly being held for ransom. Sanyam Jain, an independent security researcher, discovered the 12,564 wiped databases using BinaryEdge. Instead of finding leaked data, Jain found a note stating:  “Restore ? Contact : unistellar@yandex.com”. It was identified later that […]

Trickbot variant identified

A Trickbot banking trojan has been detected by Trend Micro that uses a redirection URL in spam email. Trend Micro wrote: “The variant used Google to redirect from the URL hxxps://google[.]dm:443/url?q=<trickbot downloader>, whereby the URL in the query string, url?q=<url>, is the malicious URL that the user is redirected to.” The redirection URL is a […]

Members of hacking platform targeted by phishing emails after data breach

A hacking platform known for stealing online account numbers and carrying out SIM swapping to control victims’ phones, has had a taste of its own medicine following a cyber-attack. Hackers infiltrated Ogusers[.]com to compromise email addresses, encrypted passwords, IP addresses and personal messages belonging to around 130,000 of the platform’s users, KrebsOnSecurity reports. The administrator at […]

Slack flaw that could have let hackers intercept downloads, has been patched

Slack users have been advised to upgrade their applications following a vulnerability. Slack, the work collaboration app, has issued a security update following a vulnerability in its systems that could allow attackers to modify the location where downloaded files are stored. Tenable researcher, David Wells discovered a download hijack vulnerability in Slack Desktop version 3.3.7 […]

Stack Overflow hack exposes user data

Stack Overflow, the developer knowledge sharing site has disclosed a security breach. Originally when discovered the VP of Engineering at Stack Overflow, Mary Ferguson announced that hackers had gained access to its internal network and that no evidence was found that customers’ accounts or data had been hacked. However in an updated announcement, Mary Ferguson […]

Misinformation campaigns in Africa leads Facebook to remove fake accounts

Facebook has taken down hundreds of the social network’s accounts because of a sophisticated campaign of “inauthentic behaviour” predominantly targeting users in Africa. The fraudulent accounts frequently published material to broadcast political data, with elections results in a number of countries involved in the phoney messages, Facebook said. An Israeli firm has also been banned […]

Possible voters’ data breach in the Philippines

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) is looking into allegations that some candidates, running for midterm elections, were accessing the personal information of voters without consent. In a statement, Privacy Commissioner Raymund Liboro said: “It has come to our attention that some individuals posted on social media about receiving from candidate/s a “precinct locator” or “voter’s […]