Privacy pledged but could Apple do more?

Besides the big news of Apple Sign In, the tech giant announced a privacy update to the Kids category in its App Store developer guidelines at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California this week. In earlier iterations, the guidelines restricted behavioural advertising tracking, meaning that advertisers were not permitted to put […]

90% of phishing emails found in domains with secure email gateways

The 2019 Phishing Threats and Malware Review reveals the key insights about how threat actors are evolving phishing campaigns, and provides direction on how to prepare for the unknown. The report conducted by Cofense, identified that between October 2018 and March 2019, a total of 31,429 threats were reported by end users after delivery to […]

Data breach at collection firm exposes details of 7.7 million

A third-party billing collections firm has suffered a data breach that has exposed sensitive data belonging to 7.7 million customers of healthcare diagnostics company, LabCorp. The healthcare giant divulged on Tuesday of this week that the data breach may have exposed details including patient names, payment card details, medical provider details and further healthcare data. […]

27% of organisations worldwide have been breached as a result of an unpatched vulnerability

Tripwire’s 2019 Vulnerability Management Survey questioned 340 info-security professionals about vulnerability management trends. The survey revealed that 27% of organisations worldwide have suffered a data breach due to an unpatched vulnerability. Additionally within Europe, 34% of respondents reported a breach due to the same cause. When questioned how long it took to detect new hardware […]

New York privacy bills is a step up from CCPA

The state of New York is looking at introducing privacy legislation that aims to offer more protection than California’s Consumer Privacy law.  The New York Privacy Act would grant state citizens more control over their personal data and would oblige companies to prioritise customer privacy ahead of profiteering. The bill, which was introduced last month […]

UK is more vulnerable to cyber-attack than ever before

Concerns have been raised about the National Cyber Security Strategy Programme and whether its design to deliver is insufficient. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has dealt with 1,100 cyber-security incidents since its establishment in October 2016. The report discusses how the threat of cyber-attack is evolving fast and becoming technically more complex “with the […]

(ISC)2 reveals findings of its study into workplace and hiring diversity in IT/ICT and cybersecurity roles

(ISC)2 commissioned an independent blind study of employees in 1,000 organisations in the UK and 250 in Netherlands, to gather insight on those responsible for hiring IT roles. It was identified that according to 32% of respondents, companies have been “ramping up” their diversity initiatives for talent acquisition and retention, whilst 29% of respondents added […]

#EDPS: How the UK DPA impacts your GDPR programme

Speaking at the European Data Protection Summit, Ian Evans, managing director of OneTrust focuses on the 2018 Data Protection Act and GDPR,  what the legislation means and, most importantly, what has changed. Evans said: “Privacy in an ever-changing world means that we’re looking at the DPA 2018 for the UK in line with GDPR across […]