Do the latest moves from Google threaten our privacy?

Two announcements from Google, both seem reasonable under the circumstances, both have privacy implications, however.   We all agree; these are exceptional times. They call for exceptional measures — as long as they are reversed when things go back to normal.   Google itself has delayed an update to Chrome concerning third party cookies. Meanwhile […]

Deepfake Danger: How to protect your business

Deepfake technology is more affordable and accessible than ever. Where they once typically resided in the porn industry, we’ve seen deepfakes now infiltrate other spaces, from politics to popular culture to fraud vectors. A recent example is well-known indie band, The Strokes, appearing as though they are 20-years-old again in their latest music video, “Bad […]

Messaging in the workplace: new report highlights challenges and opportunities

A new study – Mastering Messaging in the Workplace which is aimed at helping businesses and professionals understand the opportunities and challenges of using messaging at work. The guide by British start-up Guild, in partnership with London Research, contains insights from communications experts and explores how organisations can use messaging tools to foster a culture of […]

#Privacy: Over 40m Iranian Telegram user IDs exposed online

Security researchers have discovered 42 million records from a third-party version of messaging app Telegram online.  The Comparitech team and Bob Diachenko discovered the exposed data on March 21, after it was posted on an Elasticsearch cluster with no password authentication.  After contacting the hosting provider on March 24, the cluster was deleted a day […]

#Privacy: Banking Trojan resurfaces amidst global pandemic

Following a three year hiatus, the Zeus Sphinx banking Trojan is back, appearing in a coronavirus-themed phishing campaign. First seen in August 2015, Sphinx is based on the leaked source of the Zeus banking trojan. IBM X-Force researchers Amir Gandler and Limor Kessen explained that Sphinx’s main capability is to harvest online banking credentials.  Following […]