4,000 files feared stolen in cyber attack on Scottish regulator

An environmental regulator in Scotland has confirmed that at least 4,000 files have been accessed and likely stolen by criminals in an ongoing cyberattack on its systems. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) said 1.2GB of data was stolen, including information not publicly available.  SEPA also said this week that it believed the attack, which […]

New Zealand reserve bank hit by cyberattack

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has been hit by a cyberattack which may have compromised commercially and personally sensitive information. The bank in a statement earlier today said it was responding “with urgency” after a third-party file sharing service it uses to share information with external stakeholders was hit. It is working to confirm […]

Data stolen in cyber attack on London local authority ‘has been published’

Criminals responsible for a cyber attack on Hackney Council’s  IT systems have now published some of the stolen data, according to the London borough. The council yesterday provided an update on the investigation into the October attack, which caused widespread disruption to public services. In a statement, it said some of the stolen data has […]

Russia “likely” culprit in massive SolarWinds cyber attack, US government agencies say

A group of US federal agencies has laid the blame for the SolarWinds cyber attack at Russia’s door publicly for the first time. The Cyber Unified Coordination Group (UCG) said its investigations indicate that an Advanced Persistent Threat actor “likely Russian in origin” was responsible for most or all of the ongoing cyber compromises. It […]

Business Focus: PrivSec fundraising deals in November and December

A round-up of fundraising and business deals from the privacy, data protection and cybersecurity sectors in November and December 2020. 21st December: Privacy, security and data governance platform OneTrust announced a $300million Series C funding round, bringing the total amount of money raised by the company in the past 18 months to $710 million. TCV […]

What the Brexit trade agreement says about data protection, privacy and cybersecurity

We now have a trade agreement in place in time for the end of the Brexit transition period tonight. But what does the document say about data protection, privacy and cybersecurity? PrivSec Report pulls out the key points.   DATA PROTECTION AND PRIVACY The agreement makes it clear that as a general principle nothing in […]

ICO urges UK companies using SolarWinds Orion to check for data breaches

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has urged UK companies using SolarWind’s compromised platform Orion to determine if the personal data they hold has been affected by the cyber-attack. The ICO has released a statement urging all UK companies using Orion, an IT system management platform, to determine if hackers were able to access personal data […]

Connected vehicles and the rise of automotive cyber security

Vehicles are now entertainment, communications and productivity hubs, connected to both the internet and their surroundings – so automotive cyber security is increasingly essential, writes Alexander Moiseev After many months of downtime, the much-anticipated resumption of major motorsport races has begun. However, like all other real-world sports, there have been various changes brought about because […]

Biden pledges to prioritise cyber security following attack on US government agencies

Joe Biden has promised to prioritise cyber security and slammed President Donald Trump for not treating it seriously enough, following a huge cyber-attack on government agencies last week. The President-elect used a large part of his pre-Christmas address yesterday to criticise the Trump administration’s approach to cyber threats. This followed a large attack on several […]

Journalists targeted in suspected nation state “zero-click” attack, alleges Citizen Lab

A total of 36 journalists, Al Jazeera producers, anchors, and executives, and an additional London-based journalist were targets of a suspected iMessage “zero-click” attack by nation states, Citizen Lab has alleged. Personal phones owned by the targets, two of which have given their identities – Tamer Almisshal and Rania Dridi – were hacked in July […]