GDPR – Walking a ‘fine’ line

It’s almost two years on from the GDPR enforcement date, and the fines for those in breach of compliance have been few and far between. According to a GDPR data breach survey from law firm DLA Piper, up to the end of January 2020, almost 161,000 breach notifications had been made to data Supervisory Authorities in the […]

Webinar: Build the Case: Increase Your Data Privacy Investment (and ROI)

What is the price of privacy? What value can be tagged at privacy? An interesting question to ask organisations as it reflects the investment they make to secure and protect their data, employees, consumers, reputation etcetera. The webinar taking place on Thursday, March 26th will discuss struggle to maintain privacy in relation to core business and the demand by […]

CCPA & COVID-19: A Practical Guide to Addressing Privacy and Data Security Implications of the Coronavirus

COVID-19 arrives just as the first omnibus privacy statute in the United States, the CCPA became effective. Since its January 1 effective date, we continue to wait for finalization of the CCPA regulations and enforcement that was slated for July 1. In a pandemic environment, companies, employers, and public institutions are grappling, outside the HIPAA […]

Will Covid-19 lead to a permanent change in the way we work, and how will this affect business, the economy and even climate change?

Before Covid-19, home working was on the rise anyway. Will the shift to home-working created by the virus crisis create a permanent shift, and if so, what will that mean for business, the economy, climate change and for that seldom discussed aspiration: the quality of life?  Even before there was Covid-19, in Holland a mere […]

#Privacy: German food delivery service suffers cyber attack

Threat actors have launched a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on German food delivery service Takeaway.  With COVID-19 spreading drastically Germany has enforced many measures to prevent the spread. Subsequently, many Germans have resulted in ordering food through food delivery services such as  Unfortunately, threat actors have used this as a perfect opportunity to launch […]

#Privacy: Passwords and authentication are primary worries according to new study

IT security practitioners are aware of good habits when it comes to strong authentication and password management, yet often fail to implement them due to poor usability or inconvenience, says the 2020 State of Password and Authentication Security Behaviors Report by Yubico and Ponemon Institute. According to the report,IT security practitioners and individuals are both engaging in risky […]