Hackers turn hunted in new AI-based cyber security deception tool

The University of Strathclyde has announced that researchers at its Centre for Intelligent and Dynamic Communications are working on a cyber security solution that uses AI and deception to protect network systems. Upon identifying a breach, “Lupovis” – a name derived from “lupus” (Latin for wolf) and “ovis” (sheep) – aims to convince a cyber […]

“Even if AI was rid of bias, do we want it?”, asks privacy experts

A push for algorithmic accountability and transparency is growing steadily in the era of Black Lives Matter, but privacy experts are asking an important question. Even if predictive technologies were no longer biased, do we want them? In this month’s Last Thursday in Privacy event, privacy experts discussed how negative characteristics of social life, such […]

IBM throws future of facial recognition in doubt

IBM’s CEO has revealed that IBM will no longer use facial recognition software, and has called for a dialogue in the US on how facial recognition software should be used by US law enforcement agencies. June 8 2020: US Congress introduces the Justice in Policing Act of 2020, a new act to enforce greater accountability […]