Australian political parties hacked

The Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, has revealed that computer networks of political parties and parliament were infiltrated by malicious software recently. Just months before the Australian nation heads into an election, the PM said that the intrusion was caused by a sophisticated “state actor” and explained that no electoral interference had taken place as […]

GDPR requests finds that Netflix records adventure film choices

Choose-your-own-adventure production, Blackmirror’s Bandersnatch, which is available on Netflix, keeps a record of all user choice data, a Motherboard report reveals. Research conducted by Michael Veale unearthed the tracking behaviour when he emailed Netflix, requesting his viewing data under GDPR subject access request rules. Veale had intended to execute the action to teach people how […] sued for Google data breach and alleged sexual misconduct

Google are up against a “credible basis” for suspicious mismanagement at Google parent firm, Alphabet, following a lawsuit filed in Delaware last week. Investigations into Alphabet have reached Chancery Court in the eastern US state of Delaware, regarding official documents linked to the way the firm dealt with allegations of sexual misconduct that were made […]