#Privacy: Accenture study finds one third of financial firms are without action plan to address privacy risk

One-third of financial services organizations lack a clear plan or the resources to address privacy risks related to customer data in the next 12 months, according to a new report by Accenture. The report — “Privacy in Financial Services: Stature and Sustainability in the Information Age” — is based on a survey of 100 privacy […]

#Privacy: Study reveals endpoint security patterns and pitfalls

A new report published by endpoint security specialists, Delta Risk has concluded that most cybersecurity and IT professionals are not properly equipped to face evolving cyber-threats to mobile devices, laptops and other endpoint machines. The research was produced in coordination with Cybersecurity Insiders. Results are based on real-time feedback from IT and security professionals in the […]

#Privacy: Cybersecurity solutions package helps working from home amid Coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus has caused organizations around the world to transition their workforce away from an office environment to work from home. However, many organizations lack the policies, resources or training to enable their people to do so securely. In response, SANS Security Awareness, a division of the SANS Institute, has created the “Securely Working from Home” Deployment […]

#Privacy: Making privacy a priority – why the consumer experience must have data privacy at its core

Respecting consumer privacy has become a trend epidemic with brands wanting to be at the forefront of illustrating transparency to gain consumer trust. You can read through any major news outlet and find stories about the evolving global privacy laws, and expert opinion on how and why we need to empower today’s consumer when it […]

#Privacy: Financial sector cybersecurity upgrade set to mitigate money laundering and terror finance threat

Web intelligence company, Cobwebs, has entered the financial services market with its law enforcement-grade and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered web intelligence and investigation platform. Previously available only to the law enforcement and national security sectors, this battle-proven platform delivers the necessary risk intelligence to make financial professionals self-sufficient in detecting both simple and complex money laundering […]

#Privacy: Google G suite customers to get email cybersecurity boost

StealthMail, a globally-recognised front-runner in professional telecommunications security and a provider of business email security solutions, has announced a new support function for Google G Suite. StealthMail introduces support for G Suite to maintain control of confidential information, safely transfer private data, and secure sensitive business communication, and is designed to solve the global issue of […]

For fintech to gain mainstream adoption, the spotlight must be turned to data privacy

In 2019, the fintech world was abuzz with new players and developments. Much of the attention had turned to rising startups, taking on traditional financial institutions with non-bank alternatives powered by tech such as blockchain. However, for consumers tempted to take the plunge, data leaks and hacks continue to be a haunting shadow that is […]