Anonymisation does not work for big data due to lack of protection for direct & indirect identifiers and easy re-identification vs pseudonymisation

  Recently, well-publicised research by data scientists at Imperial College in London and Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium as well as a ruling by Judge Michal Agmon-Gonen of the Tel Aviv District Court have highlighted the shortcomings of outdated data protection techniques like “Anonymisation” in today’s big data world. Anonymisation reflects an outdated approach to data protection developed when the processing […]

Mighty mouse to the rescue in fraudio crime wave

There have been some innovative solutions  put forward in the war against “deep fake” or “fraudio” hacking – the use of highly accurate voice simulations of famous or important figures put together to deceive targeted individuals or groups online. Researchers in the University of Oregon’s Institute of Neuroscience are now attempting to train mice to […]

Data breach takes TfL Oyster system offline

London’s Oyster card system has been taken offline, after engineers at Transport for London (TfL) found user accounts had been accessed by unauthorised parties.  TfL says that only a “small number” of customer accounts were broken into following their passwords and login codes being exposed on “non-TfL websites.” The transport firm stated: “No customer payment […]

New study will assess the strength of cyber-security in British charities

Studies are to take place into British charities to aid the government in its bid to assess the cyber-security labour market. The survey will go towards obtaining a clearer understanding of how charitable organisations take on workers and train professionals in cyber-security so that personnel achieve a better grasp of the dangers of cyber-crime while […]

Contractors at Microsoft eavesdrop on some Skype calls

Amazon and Google have been in the headlines recently over how the tech giants’ workers eavesdrop on the audio footage picked up by smart assistants. Now Microsoft has explaining to do following reports that its employees listen in on real Skype conversations that have gone through translation software processing. As explained by tech website, Motherboard, […]

Instagram data privacy enabled location tracking of millions of users

Instagram allowed a trusted advertising partner to harvest huge swathes of user data to create detailed files on account holders’ physical locations and personal bios, news reports reveal. According to Business Insider, the information was put together by Hyp3r, in contradiction of Instagram rules and without the popular photo-imagery app’s knowledge. This week, Facebook-owned Instagram […]