Former Equifax boss to serve four months for insider trading

Earlier in 2019, Equifax CIO Jun Ying pleaded guilty to selling his company stock before the credit ratings agency went public with the massive data breach it suffered in 2017. His insider trading ensured he would secure huge financial gains before the data breach’s millions of victims even knew their details had been exposed in […]

Today’s cyber threat landscape and mitigating appropriately

Eclectic IQ’s Aleksander W Jarosz, Threat Intelligence Analyst, on how we can respond to today’s cyber threats Already this year we have seen a plethora of new threats organisations need to be aware of when considering their respective data risks. From the birth of fake news, through to the rise of malware campaigns, strict GDPR […]

Why kiosks are a target for cyber attacks

By Bernard Parsons, CEO, Becrypt Today, customers are demanding immediacy, personalisation and seamless services from their providers and our desire for instant gratification means that those servicing the public need to provide easy, fast, smooth and continuous ways to meet customer expectations. This is where interactive kiosks can really help organisations to deliver a high […]

Can artificial intelligence beat a human hacker?

 “Please type the words you see in the image.” At some point, we have all completed a captcha to prove we are human when online. So, when a robot successfully completed the test, we were left asking, are our computers secure? Here Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director at obsolete parts supplier EU Automation, explains how machine […]

Securing PLCs

 The Stuxnet worm is known as one of the worst cyber-attacks in industrial history. Any computer connected to the internet is always at risk of attack, whether personal or industrial. In this article Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director of obsolete parts supplier EU Automation, explains how manufacturers can use programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in industry and […]

Acquirers need to do more to support merchants in payments compliance

Gabriel Moynagh, CEO of Sysnet Global Solutions, argues that simply charging merchants for non-compliance with PCI DSS standards does not work and calls for acquirers to look for other ways to help them get compliant and secure. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has long been championed by acquirers, not just to […]

Retailers vulnerable to security threats by failing to grasp DevSecOps

Research from Claranet finds that the majority of retailers are jeopardising their customers’ data by not implementing security controls in the application development processes.  Retailers are putting their customers’ data at risk by failing to incorporate proper security controls in their new application development practices, according to the latest research from Claranet. While the vast […]

What to look for in a Qualified Security Assessor

With everyday awareness of security issues at an all-time high, businesses need to be doing all they can to ensure peace of mind when it comes to customers transactions using their credit or debit cards. To provide that peace of mind, a great Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) should be in place to provide feedback to […]