US authorities break cryptocurrency crime ring

Law enforcement agencies in the States have managed to crack a cybercriminal ring, named “The Community” that stole over $2.4 million from victims by hijacking their SIM cards. The US Department of Justice (DoJ) last week said that nine suspects had been charged with wire fraud linked to the hacking campaigns group in a federal […]

Council in Leicestershire, England hit by data breach

Charnwood Borough Council has said sorry to residents after losing private and personal details due to an IT administrative mistake.  Chiefs at the North Leicestershire council did not remove a series of critical details from an official document, inadvertently compromising the privacy of the data subjects concerned. Among the data leaked were names, residential addresses, […]

Scottish National Party suffers data breach

The Scottish National Party may face regulator fines after a data privacy breach caused by an election mailing malfunction.  The party notified the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) after discovering that election campaign material had been sent to the wrong addresses of voters in Scotland. The ICO confirmed that the SNP had referred itself for regulatory […]