#Privacy: Huge increase in number of girls engaging with UK cyber-security courses

The number of young women applying to courses in cyber-security has soared in recent times, according to the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). A report published by the NCSC finds that the number of girls putting themselves forward to participate in the agency’s CyberFirst courses held over the summer of 2019, shot up by […]

#Privacy: Over two thirds of US political campaign websites lacking in online privacy and cyber-security protection

A large amount of campaign websites (70 percent) reviewed in an audit failed to meet security and privacy best practices, according to the 2020 U.S. Presidential Campaign Audit by the Online Trust Alliance (OTA). Only seven (30 percent) of the analysed campaigns made the Honour Roll, a designation recognising campaigns that displayed a commitment to […]

#privacy: PrivSec Dublin day two implementation and sustained success in data privacy

The second day of PrivSec Dublin brought more top-level insight to data privacy practitioners in the Irish capital’s Conference Centre. Following opening remarks by Lynda O’Leary, Systems Engineer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Tuesday’s talks began in the Cyber Security and Business Continuity Theatre. Here, David Shaw, CISO at Central Bank of Ireland framed the mindset […]

#PrivSecDub: The GDPR compliance journey

Dr Katherine O’Keefe, Director of Training and Research at Castlebridge addresses audiences in the Data Privacy theatre with a keynote that highlights how GDPR compliance is a marathon, not a sprint. Katherine emphasises how an organisation’s purpose must first be considered before formulating an appropriate and effective data management policy. Within this, Katherine explains how […]

#PrivSecDUB: Developing cyber-security assurance and the marathon of GDPR implementation

In the Cyber Security and Business Continuity theatre, PrivSec day two begins with opening remarks from Lynda O’Leary, Systems Engineer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. David Shaw, CISO at Central Bank of Ireland gets the ball rolling by outlining the practicalities of cyber-security assurance. “Security isn’t a destination, it’s a case of doing your best and […]

#PrivSecDUB: Day two at PrivSec Dublin pushes the global data privacy debate forwards

Welcome to the second instalment of PrivSec Dublin, the start of a fresh agenda packed with insight, guidance, advice and discussion imparted by a host of global experts in data privacy and cyber-security. Picking up on the myriad of threads started yesterday through keynotes and panel debates, Tuesday promises to deliver further explanation and idea-sharing […]

#PrivSecDUB: Cyber-security meets data privacy in fascinating opening day at PrivSec Dublin

A global audience of privacy specialists and data practitioners met at PrivSec Dublin today at the capital’s Convention Centre for an insightful day of keynote talks and panel debates. As anticipated, the event’s 1,000 attendees found themselves at the forefront of the global debate on data protection thanks to engaging presentations on a range of […]