#Privacy: Data privacy and coronavirus – views from Data Protection Authorities in Europe

Data protection authorities from around the world are stepping in to provide their input and guidance on the matter of data processing activities and the fight against the coronavirus. Hogan Lovells’ global Privacy and Cybersecurity team has compiled the guidance from various European authorities, which is available here. The different emphasis among the data protection authorities’ […]

#Privacy: Study released into data protection and recovery software trends to 2026

A new research study has been presented by Dataintelo.com offering a comprehensive analysis on the Global Data Protection And Recovery Software Market where user can benefit from the complete market research report with all the required useful information about this market. The report discusses all major market aspects with expert opinion on current market status […]

#Privacy: UK government issues updated data protection impact assessment template and guidance

In the UK, the Surveillance Camera Commissioner (SCC) and Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) have updated the data protection impact assessment for surveillance cameras. The Surveillance Camera Commissioner (SCC) and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) have been working together to update the SCC surveillance camera specific data protection impact assessment (DPIA) template. The new template and […]

#Privacy: Free cybersecurity protection on offer for companies using work-from-home policy

US cybersecurity firm, PC Matic, has said that it will offer its suite of enterprise-level cybersecurity and remote-management tools free of charge to companies who are implementing work from home policies in response to the ongoing threats of COVID-19. The solution being offered, PC Matic Pro, which recently received the highest honours awarded by the “2020 Cybersecurity Excellence […]

#Privacy: Over half of those surveyed at cybersecurity conference use documents that are not related to their job

A new study by cybersecurity and risk analytics firm, Gurucul, has revealed an alarming trend of data abuse among IT professionals across a swathe of sectors. Almost 65% of the nearly 300 international cybersecurity professionals canvased said they access documents that have nothing to do with their jobs. Meanwhile, nearly 40% of respondents who experienced […]

#Privacy: Remote workers given boost by free work-from-home software

A leading multi-platform Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) specialist, DH2i, has come up with an innovative response to the COVID-19 healthcare crisis currently sweeping the globe. The company has now made its DxOdyssey networking software freely available to all those needing to access their work computer, its applications and data, from a remote-working location. Starting immediately […]

#Privacy: Research labs set up to help analyse and share cyber threat data with public

Forensic digital risk management organisation, The Crypsis Group, has announced the creation of the Crypsis Threat Research Labs, a group committed to studying emerging cybersecurity threats and trends. The goal of the group is to publish their research to help bolster organisational cybersecurity and data privacy measures. The team will leverage innovative tools developed by […]