PrivSec Accountability FS: Putting accountability and responsibility into action

On Tuesday 12th November, London’s Barbican Centre hosts PrivSec Acountability FS, a one-day conference that explores the multitude of data privacy challenges facing organisations in the financial sector.  Along with transparency and control, accountability is one of the three ethical pillars upon which the application of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sits. A […]

#Privacy: Why is the growing security stack not being used to its full potential?

Despite an accelerated proliferation of cyber-threats, and ever-expanding attack vectors for organisations to consider, many security teams continue to work with outdated, complicated and inefficient security infrastructures. Indeed, some procurements contain more than ten different categories of cybersecurity technologies from multiple vendors. That most infrastructures have grown too big was highlighted by Fidelis’ recently published […]

#Privacy: Europe moving in right direction towards security union

The European Commission is taking stock of the progress made in the past years towards achieving an effective and genuine Security Union. A recent report recaps the initiatives taken by the Commission in some of the key areas of the Security Union including, the fight against terrorism, information exchange, countering radicalisation and cybersecurity, while noting […]

#Privacy: US senator to widen private data security and business accountability

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden, recently introduced comprehensive privacy legislation, known as the “Mind Your Own Business Act” (MYOB Act), to provide protections for the private data of Americans and to hold corporate executives accountable if they abuse such information. While this isn’t the first such legislation introduced in Congress and is unlikely to be the last, […]

#Privacy: Are employees really the weakest cyber link? Not according to new study

Fresh research has shed surprising light on employees’ susceptibility to falling for cyber-attacks and organisations’ resiliency when it comes to fending off phishing attacks. The 2019 Cofense™ Annual Phishing Report took in data generated from millions of people, along with along with intelligence collected from more than 10 million phishing simulations delivered every month, to […]

#Privacy: US enterprise launches technology to offset data breach risk

According to a 2018 Opus/Ponemon Institute study of 1,000 CISOs and risk professionals in the U.S. and UK, companies share confidential information with, on average, 583 third parties. Approximately 59 percent of companies say they have experienced a data breach caused by one of their vendors or third parties over that year. US data protection company, Baffle, […]

#Privacy: Study reveals 2019’s darkest cyber-threats

Webroot has released its third annual Nastiest Malware list, shedding light on 2019’s worst cybersecurity threats. From ransomware strains and crypto-mining campaigns that delivered the most attack payloads to phishing attacks that wreaked the most havoc, it’s clear that cyber threats across the board are becoming more advanced and difficult to detect. Consumers and businesses alike […]