#Privacy: “First of its kind” camera promises to galvanise home cybersecurity as coronavirus crisis continues

Kangaroo, a firm that specialises in customizable home security technology, has launched a new privacy camera, a new indoor home security camera engineered to protect a user’s home and privacy. The new camera promises to help instil confidence as more and more workers work from home in a bid to combat the spread of COVID-19. […]

#Privacy: Krystal company provides guests with update on potential data breach incident

US restaurant chain, the Krystal Company is advising guests that they have completed their investigation into a security incident that occurred in the autumn of last year. Having been initially declared on October 24th of 2019, the incident involved one of the payment processing systems that services some of the Krystal Company restaurants. The firm say they […]

#Privacy: UK businesses footing bill for unenforced digital identity policies

In partnership with the Ponemon Institute, digital identities specialists, Keyfactor, has released a new report titled, “The Impact of Unsecured Digital Identities.” The research provides insight into the ability of UK companies to manage rising numbers of cryptographic keys and digital certificates that are needed to secure network connections. Regulatory measures such as GDPR put focus […]

#Privacy: Increase in work-from-home is pushing up cybersecurity risk amid COVID-19 outbreak

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, public health experts are urging anyone who can, to work from home. As offices empty out, Daniel Markuson, a digital privacy expert at NordVPN Teams, lists everything one needs to both secure their home and see through any scams that might target people working remotely from their home quarantines. “Security is crucial, […]

#Privacy: Technical advice on ensuring cybersecurity when working from home

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to play out, scientists are advising people to work from home wherever possible. As workplaces empty, Daniel Markuson, a digital security specialist from NordVPN Teams, provides guidance on what workers can do to maximise data privacy and cybersecurity when operating from domestic workstations. “Security is crucial, as hacks and data […]

#Privacy: CyberScout gives tips to protect schoolchildren from cyber threats during COVID-19 quarantine

With more than 30 million children and counting impacted by school closures, in the US, schools are turning to Zoom, Webex and Google Classroom among other platforms to keep students engaged. CyberScout, a global leader in identity theft resolution, data defense and employee benefits services, is urging consumers and parents to be alert and cautious to an increased […]