#privacy: Data privacy set to strengthen in the Philippines

The Philippines has signed up as the ninth country within the Apec-CBPR privacy framework. Once given the green light, the shift will leave the country needing accountability agents to certify businesses compliancy with regard to data processing standards. The National Privacy Commission (NPC) is also set to launch the Philippine Privacy Trust Mark before the […]

#privacy: Data breach fine of $500,000 for US brokerage firm

US brokerage, Philips Capital Inc., has been fined $500,000 (£402,950) for inadequate cyber-security standards which are believed to have contributed to a data breach at the firm in 2018. The breach led to $1m being stolen from client accounts. Further to the announcement of the fine issued by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), […]

#privacy: US hospital confirms data breach was down to phishing attack

Carle Foundation in the US state of Illinois has confirmed that a phishing incident was at the root of a data breach the healthcare body suffered in the summer of this year. Carle Foundation Hospital, which comprises three hospitals in Urbana, Illinois, stated that an individual without authorisation obtained access to the email accounts of […]

One week to go to PrivSec Dublin

On Monday 23rd September, international data privacy experts and cyber-security practitioners come together at Dublin’s Conference Centre for PrivSec Dublin. This exclusive conference champions collaboration and innovation, enabling attendees to get to the cutting edge of debate at a critical time in the global evolution of data privacy law. An era of decisive regulator action […]

#privacy: Conservatives’ Brexit ad could violate data privacy law

An online advertising campaign which gathers data on voters may be putting the Conservative party in breach of data protection laws, experts say. The views have been made in reaction to the way the Tories have been collecting information on pro-Brexit voters through a web-based ad campaign, the Guardian reports. The website at the centre […]

#privacy: Argentina database re-registration deadline extended to end of October

In Argentina, the Personal Data Protection Law has been in force since the year 2000, regulating the processing and protection of personal data belonging to citizens in both private and public sectors.  The law obliges all firms to register all databases holding personal information before the Argentine Data Protection Authority (DPA). Within this, prior to […]

#privacy: New cyber-security enterprise drive comes to Singapore

Multinational cyber-security companies of all sizes which chose Singapore as their base will be able to harness the Republic’s technical expertise, workforce and networks, the city state’s Senior Minister, Teo Chee Hean has said. The coordinating Minister for National Security, Mr Teo underlined how the firms that come to Singapore can take advantage of global […]

#privacy: UK university to lead doctoral training programmes in cyber-security

EIT Digital, the European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation, is supporting the development of the new programmes. University of London’s Artificial Intelligence Research Centre (CitAI) and Institute for Cyber Security (ICS) will lead two new Doctoral Training Programs (DTPs), supported by the European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation EIT Digital. Starting in the 2019-2020 academic year will be a DTP […]