#privacy: Experts issue warning after finding new AI technology’s potential to create fake news

New updates to an AI (artificial technology) system have enabled algorithms to start putting together poems, stories and articles that some claim are as good as those written by the human hand. Originally built by research company, Open AI, the text-generating programming was initially believed to be too dangerous to roll out into the public […]

#privacy: White hat hacker defeats Moscow’s blockchain voting system in less than half an hour

Crytographer, Pierreck Godry took just twenty minutes to hack into the web-based voting infrastructure put together by Moscow’s Department of Information Technology (DIT). The government authority placed elements of the voting system’s components in the public domain, allowing anyone who fancied their chances to try to find a way through the cyber-security defences, Meduza has […]

#privacy: Digital fingerprint sales continue on cyber-crime marketplaces

Online criminals intent on identity theft are continuing to get help from two marketplaces on the dark web. So-called ‘digital fingerprints’ are up for sale on the Genesis and Richlogs marketplaces, giving hackers the ingredients they need to put together watertight identity simulations to trick banks, retail giants, media sites and other online organisations. Fraudsters […]

#privacy: Data breach victims asked to keep notification email a secret

Customers of Fanatec have been receiving emails over the last 48 hours explaining details of a data breach suffered at the gaming peripherals manufacturer. The communications call for confidentiality, but they have been published by online magazine, The Digital Fix, because the publication feels email is not “a reliable enough mechanism to ensure everyone affected […]

#privacy: Recent Texas cyber-attacks increase federal security tensions

Cyber-attacks that struck cities across Texas recently have put other local governments across the US on high alert. Federal agencies that do not hold comprehensive data backups could face a choice between paying a crippling ransom or spending higher sums of money to rebuild compromised IT systems. Officials across the States are looking to cyber-security […]