“Privacy by Design breeds innovation and creativity” says former Information and Privacy Commissioner

Nearly 12 months on from the implementation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, organisations adaptation to stronger data protection laws has evolved into a broader discussion on how best to drive innovation while championing data privacy. The issue sparked debate on social media yesterday following a comment published by Chris Hoofnagle‏ (@hoofnagle) in response to […]

Inadequate notifications compound data breach damage

Victims of a data breach at Inmediata Health Group receiving multiple breach notification letters, while some patients are receiving letters addressed to other patients, reports reveal. The Puerto Rican-based group began telling patients about a potential data breach that had occurred due to misconfigurations with the organisation’s website. However, handling of the situation has been […]

EU to consolidate and network cybersecurity to help fight online crime

The EU is enhancing its efforts in Europe’s ongoing struggle against net-based crime with a new initiative set to unify and network its expertise in research, tech and industrial development for cyber-security. The Council’s Permanent Representatives Committee recently gave the green light to authorities in Romania to begin discussions with the European Parliament to create […]