Could your children be a cyber-threat? And other home office security questions  

Cybersecurity expert, Quentyn Taylor, offers his top tips for keeping secure whilst working from home. Phishing for trouble Cyber criminals are always on the look out for a new opportunities and employees moving outside of the company network offers just that. According to new reports[1], there has been a significant rise in bogus emails, claiming […]

#Privacy: Firms to understanding cloud risks with free cybersecurity assessment

SaaS (Software as a Service) company, Altitude Networks, has announced the arrival of its a new Rapid Security Assessment which will allow companies greater insight into cloud security risks. Engineered for organisations working on Google Drive to access file storage and business collaboration, the assessment programme quickly identifies sensitive files and uncovers sharing risks, such as […]

#Privacy: Network rolls out enterprise-grade cybersecurity to SMEs to help remote working

Tech firm, SAM Seamless Network has announced that it will make its business-grade cybersecurity offering open to SMEs (small-to-medium-sized enterprises), to help working-from-home arrangements run more securely as the COVID-19 pandemic plays out. SAM’s AI-driven platform protects the business network including all connected IoT devices from all types of attacks including malware, phishing, ransomware and […]

#Privacy: Healthcare professionals to receive secure treatment app free of charge

Digital care platform, PINGMD has said that it will make its communication and video health app available free of charge to medical professionals and their patients throughout the coronavirus crisis. The HIPAA-secure communication, video TeleHealth and TeleMedicine app is currently relied upon by thousands of medical professionals that connects doctors, clinicians, therapists, and patients on a […]

#Privacy: Companies shifting to remote work to get free cybersecurity relief

High-integrity security and collaboration leader, HighSide, has announced it will be providing its flagship HighSide Ultra Secure Collaboration solution free to any organization until at least September 1, 2020. HighSide’s unified communication platform looks and functions like tools employees want to use, but with the security and compliance functionality required by the C-suite and regulators. The HighSide Cybersecurity Relief […]

#Privacy: TDoS prevention centre stage in evolution of US digital journey

The Telephony Denial of Service (TDOS) attack system, Call Sentinal, has been experiencing rapid levels of growth. That’s according to the system’s owner, USA Digital Communications. USA Digital has a family of toll-fraud defense offerings. These include FraudProSM that protects against international toll fraud, a commitment to protecting customers’ networks against robocalling, and Call Sentinel, an easy to […]

#Privacy: How data as infrastructure encourages direct data ownership in the GDPR era

Comment, by Ross Woodham, Chief Privacy Officer at Aptum In a newly published White Paper – ‘Artificial Intelligence: A European approach to excellence and trust’-  the European Commission (EC) has announced plans to position Europe as a global leader in data driven technologies. Although focusing on artificial intelligence (AI), the White Paper covers everything from critical infrastructure to cyber security. In a positive step that […]

#Privacy: New collaboration set to boost vendor risk management efficiency

SureCloud, the provider of cloud-based, integrated risk management solutions, has announced a new partnership with cybersecurity ratings company BitSight. The new partnership will provide organisations with a one stop shop for end-to-end vendor onboarding and simplifying the entire vendor risk management process. BitSight provides independently validated information to rate the security posture of suppliers. These […]

#Privacy: New Blackberry initiative to help bolster remote working cybersecurity

Communications and tech giant, BlackBerry has revealed a new offering to businesses in need of help in starting up their own remote working programmes in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Recognizing the threat posed by COVID-19, BlackBerry says it is committed to helping its current customers and other companies support their business continuity plans and […]

#Privacy: What’s on the digital horizon as we move through 2020?

Digital intelligence solutions firm, Cellebrite, has released its Annual Digital Intelligence Industry Benchmark Report for 2020. Revealing insights were collected from over 2,000 law enforcement agency personnel, in over 110 countries to compile a report benchmarking the industry’s day-to-day challenges for agency management and investigative teams. The report showed seven major trends in digital intelligence, spotlighting where […]