Cumbria enterprise and police unite to fight cyber-crime

Businesses in Cumbria, UK, have teamed up with regional police forces in a bid to meet the growing challenges presented by cyber-crime. A new cyber and digital crime unit within Cumbria Constabulary will help Cumbria Chamber of Commerce in the new venture that will establish new online resources, cutting-edge information and advice on cyber-crime. Cumbria […]

Desjardins data breach to test new Canadian data law

A Liberal MP in Canada has said that today’s emergency meeting of the House of Common’s public safety and national security committee regarding the Desjardins data breach, will put the Bill C-59 to the test. Speaking to The West Block’s Eric Sorenson on the weekend, Liberal MP for Scarborough-Guildwood John McKay, said: “This is, if […]

Irish privacy watchdog may launch another Google investigation

Google may have to face further investigations by the Irish Data Protection Commission after reports of contractors being able to hear users’ audio footage submitted to the tech firm’s digital assistant. The prospective measures follow a data breach notification sent to the Irish data watchdog last week, agency spokesperson Graham Doyle said. Google subsequently issued […]

Estonia data protection officials urge for more data privacy caution

The Information System Authority (RIA) in Estonia has called upon its citizens and businesses to take data protection and privacy more seriously. The official advisory comes after numerous reports in the Baltic nation, after a series of incidents involving hackers getting through Estonian retailers’ cyber defences to steal customers’ personal information. Head of cyber-security at […]

Twelfth plenary session held for European Data Protection Board

This week, Brussels hosted the twelfth plenary session of the European Data Protection Board, during which a broad range of data privacy and cyber-security priorities were held open to debate. Among key themes, members of the Board highlighted the necessity for a comprehensive agreement on cross-border access to electronically-stored evidence between Britain and the US. The […]

AI facial recognition trials approved by government

Facial recognition technology powered by AI may soon be part of everyday life, as Home Secretary Sajid Javid has backed plans for the police to begin trialling a new breed of camera. The Metropolitan Police are among the police forces to have tested the equipment, drawing heavy criticism and subsequent legal challenges from civil liberties […]

Apple watch glitch enabled iPhone to hear confidential messages

A flawed app on the smart watch manufactured by Apple has been shut down because of a bug that allowed iPhone users to hear the conversations of watch users. The Walkie-Talkie app was designed to allow two people to communicate vocally through short audio snippets. A software problem meant that an iPhone user would be […]

Google workers note down Google Assistant commands

In April, PrivSec reported on how Amazon’s Alexa sends its recordings to human analysts for “review”, but now VRT NWS reveals that Google employs similar surveillance tactics. The news website says the search engine giant employs workers to listen to and transcribe Google Assistant users’ voice commands. Speaking to Business Insider, a Google spokesperson said […]