Australian student training firm caught up in data breach

A data breach investigation has been launched after an open an S3 bucket exposed data from a student management system. The data set was under the management of a student data systems provider, Tribal Campus. The breach is understood to have affected overseas students belonging to Australian training firm, Ability English and MEGT Institute. According […]

Phoney militia chief’s Facebook page used in malware campaign

Tens of thousands of Facebook users have been lured into divulging their personal details to a hacker, an Israeli cyber security firm claims. According to Tel-Aviv-based Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, a hacker who is thought to be Libyan, used malware to obtain account holders’ confidential data and gain access to users’ smart devices. Check […]

Russia’s Yandex cyber attack linked to Western intelligence operations

Cyber teams working for Western intelligence services are reported to be behind a malware attack on Russia’s Yandex search engine in 2018. The attack which took place in November of last year saw Yandex hit by malware called Regin, which, Reuters reports, is known to be used by an intelligence network shared by the UK, […]

Data breach suffered by cloud provider PCM

US-based cloud services provider, PCM, has suffered a data breach following a cyber-attack that hit emails and customers’ file-sharing systems earlier this year. According to reports made by KrebsOnSecurty, hackers were able to access the firm’s emails to disrupt client business, after suspicious activity was initially detected on PCM networks in mid-May. Reports suggest that […]

Former Equifax boss to serve four months for insider trading

Earlier in 2019, Equifax CIO Jun Ying pleaded guilty to selling his company stock before the credit ratings agency went public with the massive data breach it suffered in 2017. His insider trading ensured he would secure huge financial gains before the data breach’s millions of victims even knew their details had been exposed in […]

Today’s cyber threat landscape and mitigating appropriately

Eclectic IQ’s Aleksander W Jarosz, Threat Intelligence Analyst, on how we can respond to today’s cyber threats Already this year we have seen a plethora of new threats organisations need to be aware of when considering their respective data risks. From the birth of fake news, through to the rise of malware campaigns, strict GDPR […]

Why kiosks are a target for cyber attacks

By Bernard Parsons, CEO, Becrypt Today, customers are demanding immediacy, personalisation and seamless services from their providers and our desire for instant gratification means that those servicing the public need to provide easy, fast, smooth and continuous ways to meet customer expectations. This is where interactive kiosks can really help organisations to deliver a high […]