IoT entrepreneur underlines critical nature of device security 

A tech chief has spoken out about the need for adequate data protection measures within IoT (Internet of Things) products, citing security as critical to winning consumer confidence.  Jamie Siminoff, the founder and principal inventor behind the smart doorbell manufacturer, Ring, feels that the company’s devices’ success hinges on privacy safeguards and the ability to […]

The Great Hack documentary arrives on Netflix this month

This summer sees the arrival of The Great Hack, a documentary exploring the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal and how it lifts the mask on the dark arts of personal data processing. The scandal has its roots in the start of this decade, when an apparently innocuous personality app appeared on Facebook in which millions […]

Mid-market firms vulnerable to cyber-crime, study finds

Cyber-crime and security breaches cost Britain’s mid-market businesses at least £30 billion in the last year alone, a leading audit and accountancy firm says. Research conducted by Grant Thornton UK LLP reported that over half of interviewed companies (53%) said revenue had fallen by 3-10% in the wake of a data breach. The companies hit […]

Office 365 banned in German state schools due to privacy worries

Schools in Hesse, Germany will stop using Microsoft Office 365 because of a cyber-security risk which could lead to violation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). According to reports, problems first started to arise when Microsoft took the decision to shut down its data centre in Germany in August 2018. The move increased users’ […]

Facebook hearings suggest cryptocurrency future for U.S. lawmakers

The U.S. governmental hearings on the new Facebook cryptocurrency will boost the crypto sector and underscores that digital currencies are now mainstream. This is the bullish assessment of CEO and founder of one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations, deVere Group. Nigel Green’s comments come as the social media giant prepares to defend […]

Evite data breach bigger than initially thought has included a mass database haul containing around 101 Evite users who had their personal data compromised through a hacking spree. In May of this year, Evite, a social-planning website for creating, sending, and managing online invitations, announced that a malicious party had broken into the company’s servers to steal members’ private data. In […]

NCSC cyber defences prevent airport email fraud

The NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) has revealed how it stopped a 2018 cyber-attack in which fraudsters sought to trick thousands of people using a malicious email. As detailed in the latest annual NCSC report, the cyber-security agency’s success stands among 140,000 separate phishing attacks that were prevented last year. The bogus emails held a […]

Singapore committee makes new cyber recommendations

The Public-Sector Data Security Review Committee in Singapore has made a number of recommendations following an investigation into five of the city-state’s government agencies’ IT infrastructures, including the Health Ministry and CPF Board. Among the 13 technical measures, the senior committee are recommending an immediate implementation of emails containing sensitive data confirmation prompts. The advisory […]