#Privacy: NYC Cybersecurity Bootcamp offers free training to all Americans

Following the massive surge in unemployment due to COVID-19, New York Cybersecurity introductory training has been offered to all American citizens to assist recovery from economic strain Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp, New York’s cybersecurity bootcamp partner, announced on June 2 that a free program to provide unemployed Americans with an opportunity to begin a career in […]

AFL-CIO begin lawsuit against OSHA after revised COVID-19 tracking guidelines

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have responded negatively to AFL-CIO lawsuit over COVID-19 protections. On May 26, OSHA’s revised guidelines for recording cases of Coronavirus in the workplace were put into place following criticism over their initial attempt to allocate the responsibility of tracking COVID-19 to employers and line managers. The revised […]

Last Thursday in Privacy: A fireside chat with Jon Ronson on privacy

Jon Ronson, renowned author and documentarian, will be joining Joe Tidy, BBC News Correspondent for a virtual fireside chat on June 25th to discuss his forte into privacy, and how he went from being a journalist exposing people’s secrets to becoming more cognizant with people’s right to privacy.  As a writer, Jon is an international […]

#Privacy: Amtrak faces third-party data breach

Amtrak, officially known as The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, has revealed that some of its Guest Rewards members have had their personal information compromised by a third-party hacker. The for-profit company is a state-backed US passenger railroad provider that operates across 46 states, and 3 Canadian provinces, running more than 300 trains daily and accumulating […]