Post-Brexit UK adequacy decision at risk due to data-sharing agreement with US

The EU’s data protection watchdog has said that the UK-US agreement entered into in 2019 could undermine the UK’s chances of receiving an adequacy decision The European Data Protection Board wrote to the European Parliament on 15 June 2020 outlining their concerns that the UK-US agreement to facilitate access to electronic evidence in criminal investigations […]

Norway drop contact-tracing app after Amnesty privacy investigation

Norway has abandoned plans to introduce a contact-tracing app to combat coronavirus after Amnesty investigation revealed its live-tracking capabilities Amnesty International’s investigation into COVID-19 contact tracing apps across Europe, Middle East, and North Africa showed that Bahrain’s ‘BeAware Bahrain’, Norway’s ‘Smittestopp’ and Kuwait’s ‘Shlonik’ present the biggest threats to privacy due to their live-tracking capabilities. […]

#Privacy: Clearview refers to Section 230 in Vermont lawsuit to avoid alleged privacy violations

Software company Clearview says Section 230 immunises them from allegations that they violated privacy concerns of Vermont residents by scraping over 4 billion images and selling it to law enforcement. Representing the company is Tor Ekeland who ironically stated on Twitter that Section 230 presents a net loss for the public. Regardless, the provision allows […]

#Privacy: The DEA has been given immediate authority to conduct covert surveillance on George Floyd protesters

Temporary authorization has been given to the DEA to exercise surveillance powers that are outside of the scope of their usual authority A two-page memorandum obtained by Buzzfeed News has revealed that The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has been given new authority to “conduct covert surveillance” on those participating in protests following the death of […]

#Privacy: NYC Cybersecurity Bootcamp offers free training to all Americans

Following the massive surge in unemployment due to COVID-19, New York Cybersecurity introductory training has been offered to all American citizens to assist recovery from economic strain Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp, New York’s cybersecurity bootcamp partner, announced on June 2 that a free program to provide unemployed Americans with an opportunity to begin a career in […]

AFL-CIO begin lawsuit against OSHA after revised COVID-19 tracking guidelines

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have responded negatively to AFL-CIO lawsuit over COVID-19 protections. On May 26, OSHA’s revised guidelines for recording cases of Coronavirus in the workplace were put into place following criticism over their initial attempt to allocate the responsibility of tracking COVID-19 to employers and line managers. The revised […]