The more accurate facial recognition gets, the more dangerous it becomes, says privacy and technology expert

Professor of Law and Technology and privacy expert, Woodrow Hartzog, and Practice Lead at Securys, John Lloyd, discuss the ethics surrounding facial recognition technology in the lead up to their Last Thursday in Privacy session with Jenny Brennan: “Focus on Ethics: The Global Controversy About Facial Recognition Technology”. The preliminary conversations touched on many of […]

UK Data Protection Index offers practitioners chance to influence the industry as a whole

Editorial director of Data Protection World Forum, Nick Edwards, spoke with DPO Centre CEO Rob Masson, about the major new initiative to generate industry-wide insight on the data protection profession.  The UK Data Protection Index is based on an anonymised regular survey of UK-based practitioners that meet certain criteria based on their role. Mr Masson […]

Privacy lawyer gives insight on the disruption expected after Schrems II ruling

Abigail Dubiniecki, freelance lawyer and privacy professional, talks with PrivSec about the likely complications that will follow the invalidation of the Privacy Shield and the new terms of Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs). On 16 July 2020, a court case started by Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems against Facebook Ireland received a long-anticipated verdict from the […]

Women in Privacy: Cristina Cojocaru, senior legal counsel for data privacy at Huawei

Data protection and security lawyer, Cristina Cojocaru, senior legal counsel for data privacy at Huawei, talks with PrivSec about the benefits and challenges of being a woman in the increasingly high profile field of data protection and security.  What technical skills are most useful to adopt as privacy and security fields become more intertwined? As […]