More than half of organisations subject to GDPR collect more data than the regulation permits, a study has found

A Data Risk and Security report released by the security software company Netwrix has revealed that companies are failing to follow GDPR and security best practices. The survey of just over a thousand respondents revealed that security professionals are often bypassing many of the six stages of the data lifecycle. While security issues are mitigated […]

South Korea hopeful on GDPR transfer exception

The South Korea-EU summit on 30 June is expected to discuss South Korea’s exemption from paying GDPR transfer fines. The exception would allow its businesses located within the EU to transfer data to South Korea without penalties. After failing to get the agreement in 2016 and 2018, South Korea has taken a number of steps […]

Blockchain could provide privacy-enhancing route for immunity passports

Immunity passports have many challenges including verification, standardisation between countries and counterfeiting, according to a panel discussion at the Last Thursday in Privacy online event on 25 June. Digital wallets that share the minimum information required to prove immunisation could be a possible solution to the verification problem, according to Jamile Hamideh, Chief Legal Officer […]

“Even if AI was rid of bias, do we want it?”, asks privacy experts

A push for algorithmic accountability and transparency is growing steadily in the era of Black Lives Matter, but privacy experts are asking an important question. Even if predictive technologies were no longer biased, do we want them? In this month’s Last Thursday in Privacy event, privacy experts discussed how negative characteristics of social life, such […]