British MPs warn UK-Japan trade deal has “profound implications for privacy” in open letter to the government

A group of cross-party MPs say the UK-Japan trade deal has “profound implications for privacy and for international trade” and urges the government to provide more information before the Agreement is assented on or before December 7. In an open letter to Liz Truss, secretary of state for the Department of International Trade, the MPs […]

Manchester United network suffers “sophisticated” internal cyber attack

On Friday, Manchester United announced that a “sophisticated operation by organised cyber criminals” had occurred. An investigation is underway, but the club said they did not believe that any personal data belonging to employees or customers had been accessed. Impacted systems were immediately shut down to contain the attack. Most of the club’s digital operations […]

Preparing for quantum computing and future cyber threat challenges

Futurist Edgar Perez talks to PrivSec Report about quantum computing, AI and the perennial threat of cybercrime. Early sociologist Max Weber once said that the modern world is persistent in its pursuit of advancement and innovation, and the future-oriented sensibility of science would go on ‘ad infinitum.’ According to his writing, humans are innately oriented […]

Australian government opens public consultation on changes to its Privacy Act

The Australian government has opened a consultation on potential changes to privacy legislation. Following the Attorney-General’s announcement in December last year of a review of the Privacy Act 1988, the government is seeking feedback from the public on the “potential issues relevant to reform” outlined in a 68-question Issues Paper. The Australian government adds that […]

The FTC settles with Zoom after the company ‘misled’ users over encryption and surveillance

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced  a settlement with Zoom, after the company “misled users by touting that it offered ‘end-to-end, 256-bit encryption’ and remote video surveillance.” The agreement will require Zoom to implement a “robust information security programme” to settle allegations that it engaged in a “series of deceptive and unfair practices that […]

Tim Berners-Lee launches enterprise-friendly decentralised web platform in move to ‘restore power on the web’

Tim Berners-Lee has launched an enterprise-friendly decentralised web platform using the open-source technology, Solid, to “restore power” on the web. On November 9, founding father of the World Wide Web, Berners-Lee – in collaboration with John Bruce – launched Enterprise Solid Server, the enterprise-friendly infrastructure that supports the company’s decentralised web platform, Inrupt.  Since 2018, […]

Data rights group files GDPR complaint against airline for ‘charging customers £35 to update their data’ 

Non-profit data rights group None of Your Business (Noyb) has filed a GDPR complaint against Wizz Air after a customer was hit with $35 in phone charges to update her personal data. Noyb – founded by Austrian activist Max Schrems –told the Austrian Data Protection Authority that the low-cost airline failed to allow subjects the […]