EU on Amazon and privacy: “We are gathering information on the issue”

The EU’s competition commissioner has confirmed that the EU is gathering information on how Amazon uses personal data, although it has said there is no “formal antitrust probe” at this stage. Speaking at a press conference, EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager commented on how Amazon uses data acquired from its ECommerce marketplace involving third party […]

Researchers link Ticketmaster and British Airways breach with Magecart

Magecart, the credit card skimming group behind the Ticketmaster breach was also behind the British Airways breach, which was confirmed last week, say researchers. We are detecting “internet-scale threats alerted to new Magecart breaches hourly, a clear indication that the group is extremely active and a very real threat to all organizations offering online payment […]

Frictionless customer authentication: could this have saved TSB from its latest disruption?

TSB was forced to issue yet another apology yesterday, this time over problems some customers were having to access their accounts. Frictionless customer authentication could be the answer, says an expert on identity management. In a statement, yesterday TSB said: “We’re aware that some customers are having issues this morning using Internet Banking, the mobile […]