GDPR Summit London: What is privacy by design?

Mark Thompson, Global Privacy Advisory Field at KPMG, took to the stage today (23rd April) at the latest GDPR Summit London, the topic: Embracing Privacy by Design. Privacy by design, explained Mark, is about building privacy into the design, operation and management of IT systems, networks and business processes. But what this means to a […]

Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debacle shows how GDPR could be a trillion dollar boon

Data privacy is no longer a legal requirement, it’s vital for greasing the wheels of the economy, as the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debacle shows. Following the latest revelations concerning the use of data acquired from Facebook by Cambridge Analytica, shares in Facebook have fallen sharply, knocking around $30 billion off the value of the company. It […]

GDPR and PECR for marketers

Data protection and marketing are so closely interconnected that no marketing plan involving data can move forward without getting data protection right. GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation – and PECR – Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations – are regulations concerning data protection that marketers must familiarise themselves with. The two regulations are complementary, indeed […]