Legal departments lead GDPR programmes in France

A new survey reveals that legal departments are frequently taking the lead in regulatory programmes in France. The latest edition of la Cartographie des Directions juridiques’ – which means ‘Mapping Legal Departments’, has found that legal departments in French organisations are gaining more importance. The number of respondents to the survey carried out as part […]

Is GDPR killing email marketing?

According to surveys carried out in the US, emails requesting consent to continue receiving communications are being ignored. Given that it seems many of these emails were not required in the first place, it looks as if companies are decimating their valuable databases, unnecessarily. One survey, from Brooklyn based, digital agency Huge Inc, found that […]

US techs try to stop California’s version of GDPR

A proposed new privacy act, being put to Californian voters, has hit a hurdle: namely US techs, who are throwing money at trying to stop the act coming into force. In California, citizens can propose new legislation that can be put to the electorate.  It’s part of the ballot initiative process. And the California Consumer […]

OneTrust processes 10,000 requests within two weeks of GDPR going live

OneTrust, which provides privacy management and marketing compliance software, has revealed that its software has received no less than 10,000 requests since GDPR went live. 25th May 2018: To enormous fanfare, The General Data Protection Regulation goes live. 13th June 2018, OneTrust which produces privacy software tools, releases data showing just how much activity there […]