GDPR impact on B2C marketers

Data and data analysis, it has become the lifeblood of consumer marketing, but under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the processing of personal data will come up for review within marketing departments, in many cases, drastic review. What must B2C marketers take into consideration? GDPR entails important considerations relating to the processing of personal […]

Data Security and GDPR

The General Data Protectionism Regulation coming into force on May 25th this year has important implications for data security. You can break down the relevance of GDPR to data security: • Firstly, by defining what we mean by personal data and a data breach. GDPR also defines the types on individuals who would be authorised […]

GDPR is a journey not a destination

It’s not possible to be GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant, said Ian West, speaking at the latest GDPR summit London, so what can you do? “It’s about creating a defensible position,” said Ian West, Director of Digital Information, Project One. He explained: “GDPR is a brutally simple concept, but is hideously complex to comply […]

GDPR demands a shift in corporate culture

The headlines are scary, but the reality is ‘opportunity’, said speakers at the recent GDPR summit London. A mere one in four adults trust businesses with their data, said Darren Spence, Chief Revenue Officer, GRAVICUS, quoting data from the ICO, the UK regulator in privacy. That is why GDPR is an opportunity, by forcing privacy […]