#privacy: WeChat restricts users downloading face-swapping app

China’s most popular messaging app, WeChat, has restricted the use of the iPhone app Zao, following security concerns. Zao is a face-swapping app whereby users are able to insert themselves into movies, TV shows and music videos. The app uses “deepfake” technology, Since going viral there has been growing concerns about the potential misuse of […]

#privacy: More malware discovered lurking in textbooks and essays

Researchers have warned students to be careful when downloading textbooks and essay from suspicious websites online. A new report by Kaspersky has found that cybercriminals are targeting the educational sector and have attempted more than 356,000 attacks in total. Just 233,000 of these cases were malicious essays that had been downloaded “to devices owned by […]

#privacy: Yves Rocher exposes data on millions of customers

An unsecured Elasticsearch database has resulted in millions of customer data being leaked.  Researchers from vpnMentor were able to access a private database belonging to Aliznet, which contained data on 2.5 million Canadian Yves Rocher customers. The data included names, email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth and postcodes.  The database also included over six […]

#privacy: Fraudsters scam energy firm using AI voice manipulation

Fraudsters have used artificial intelligence-based software to deceive the CEO of a UK-based energy firm of £200,000. AI software and voice technology had been exploited by fraudsters to impersonate a UK business owner, resulting in the CEO of a UK-based energy firm transfering £201,000 ($243,000). According to insurance firm Euler Hermes, who disclosed the fraud, […]

#privacy: Ransomware hits dentist offices across the US

Hundreds of dental practice offices across the US have been hit by ransomware.  A Wisconsin-based company, PerCSoft, which offers IT services and solutions for dental clinics has fallen victim to a ransomware attack. Hundreds of dental offices are now struggling to restore access to client systems.  Majority of dental practices rely on PerCSoft, the cloud management […]

#privacy: Foxit Software announces breach 

The company behind the popular Foxit PDF reader app are urging customers to reset their passwords following a data breach. In a security advisory, Foxit announced that an unauthorised third party gained access to Foxit’s “My Account” customer data, containing passwords, users’ names, phone numbers, IP addresses, email addresses and company names.  Customers were alerted […]

#privacy: UK watchdogs voice concern over lip-reading CCTV

If lip-reading CCTV is to be deployed, British citizens may be left “cupping their hands over their mouths” in the street. The UK Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Tony Porter, has warned that in the future, citizens may have to hide their conversations from CCTV until regulations are put in place for intrusive technologies.  Porter has warned […]

#privacy: TrickBot variant targets mobile carrier customers’

A new TrickBot variant has been found collecting the PIN codes and credentials of mobile carrier customers. Researchers at Secureworks Counter Threat Unit (CTU), identified the new variant during August 2019.  The banking trojan has now been modified to carry out SIM swapping attacks by intercepting login credentials and PIN codes for Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile […]