#Privacy: Netwalker ransomware targets another US college

Operators behind the Netwalker ransomware have claimed to have successfully attacked the University of California San Francisco. Over the past week, Netwalker has been targeting US colleges and threatening to leak their data. Just last week Netwalker attacked Michigan State University. Operators have also claimed to have attacked Columbia College of Chicago.  Today, Netwalker has allegedly […]

#Privacy: Ransomware targets US nuclear missile sub-contractor

Threat actors were able to steal sensitive data after gaining access to the contractor’s computer network.  Westech International, headquartered in Albuquerque’s Louisiana Boulevard, provides engineering and maintenance support for the United States’ Minuteman III nuclear deterrent, an intercontinental ballistic missile.  According to Sky News, after gaining unauthorised access to the contractor’s computer network, threat actors […]

#Privacy: US lawmakers unveil bipartisan contact tracing bill

US legislators have outlined a bipartisan bill to regulate digital contact tracing apps and exposure-notification apps.  With the coronavirus raging through the states and the death toll reaching over 100,000, mitigating the further spread of the disease has become a priority. Subsequently, contact tracing apps has become one solution to tracking and slowing the spread […]