AI solutions company raises $12.6 million 

Text IQ, a leading provider of AI solutions has announced that it raised $12.6 million in Series A funding led by FirstMark Capital with Sierra Ventures.  The funding will be used in helping the company accelerate its expansion into enterprise compliance and privacy, as well as help support the expansion of sales and marketing, and […]

IOT & Industry 4.0: Creating the factory of the future with industry 4.0

At the IOT & Industry 4.0 Expo in the Manufacturing & Supply Chain conference and exhibition, Ian Gardner, Industry 4.0 Solutions Architect for IBM, stresses how important data is.  “The most important thing we really need to consider is that really it’s all about data. You can look at sensors, you can look at machines, […]

Data stolen from Social Engineered and published on rival site

User data from Social Engineered, a forum for the “Art of Human Hacking” was compromised and leaked on a rival website.  Confirmed by the owner of Social Engineered, wrote in a blog post: “Mybb had a vulnerability yet again and the site got breached along other websites using Mybb. We moved over to xenforo i […]

Egypt passes first data protection law

Finally approved by parliament, data protection regulations will be enforced to protect data and privacy for all Egyptian citizens and European Union citizens in Egypt.  The regulations have provisions and requirements related to the processing of personal data. Therefore companies dealing with personal data  are now required to follow data protection regulations. The regulations consider […]

Minnesota police officer has been awarded $585k after colleagues abused her data

Amy Krekelberg has won a lawsuit against the city of Minneapolis and two fellow police officers after discovering a database containing her data had been abused and looked up without permission. Krekelberg received a notice from Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources whereby an employee had snooped on thousands of people in the state – to […]

Increasing cyber security with artificial intelligence

Despite improving machine connectivity and overall productivity in manufacturing, Industry 4.0 has increased the frequency and severity of cyber-attacks on businesses. Although artificial intelligence (AI) is the culprit, it can also be used to tackle the issue. Here Rob Holloway, supplier relationship manager at obsolete industrial parts provider EU Automation, explains how AI could improve […]