#Privacy: Banking trojans revealed to be a popular financial services threat

Following the release of its whitepaper, “Follow the Money”, a survey from Blueliv has revealed that Banking and Financial services are struggling with a skills shortage.  The Spanish threat intelligence firm conducted a Twitter poll of 11,000 users in November, which revealed that 31% of respondents are concerned about the impact of banking Trojans will have […]

#Privacy: US data center provider struck by ransomware attack

One of the biggest data center providers in the US, CyrusOne announced on Thursday that it has suffered a ransomware attack.  In a statement, CyrusOne revealed that six of its managed service customers, located primarily in New York, have been impacted – thus experiencing  availability issues as a result of the ransomware encrypting devices in […]

#Privacy: Around 44m Microsoft users have reused passwords

Tens of millions of Microsoft users are employing the same usernames and passwords that have been previously leaked online from security breaches.  Microsoft’s threat research team checked over 3 billion credentials obtained from security breaches in 2019, to which the team found a match for over 44 million Azure AD and Microsoft Services Accounts.  “For […]

#Privacy: Nebraska Medicine suffers data breach

An audit on the electronic health records system discovered that an employee was accessing patient records without authorisation. Between July 11 and October 1, 2019 – an employee had gained access to patients’ medical records outside of the employee’s job role and apparently with no particular reason. Compromised information included names, dates of birth, addresses, […]

#Privacy: Sprint contractor exposes over 250K mobile phone bills

Marketing company Deardorff Communications has exposed 261,300 mobile phone bills due to an unprotected cloud server online. The server contained hundreds of thousands of phone bills of AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon subscribers. The bills contained names, addresses, phone numbers and call histories of subscribers.  In some cases, extremely sensitive documents such as bank statements and […]

#Privacy: DHS wants to expand facial recognition checks for travellers and U.S citizens

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) plans to expand facial recognition checks on all people entering and leaving the U.S.  In a recent filing, the DHS has proposed that all travellers including U.S citizens will have to undergo facial recognition checks before they are allowed to enter or leave the country.  Previously, the DHS only […]