PwC fined €150,000 by Hellenic Data Protection Authority

The Hellenic Data Protection Authority (DPA) is requiring PwC to implement corrective measures within three months.  In response to a complaint, the Hellenic DPA conducted an ex officio investigation into the lawfulness of the processing of personal data of employees working at PwC. According to the complaint, employees were required to give consent to the […]

Researchers reveals risk of IoT devices utilising unencrypted protocols

New research investigates how IoT devices within smart buildings could be attacked by cyber criminals. In a new report titled “Rise of the Machines: Transforming Cybersecurity Strategy for the Age of IoT”, Forescout Research Labs set up a smart building environment containing video surveillance, smart lighting, and other IoT devices, and analysed how an attacker […]

Siri listens to sex acts and drug deals, according to whistleblowers

An unnamed whistleblower has revealed that Apple contractors “regularly hear confidential” conversations and activities.  The whistleblower told the Guardian, that Apple contractors regularly listen to drug deals, confidential medical information, and recordings of couples having sex, as part of their job grading the voice assistant.  The contractors are tasked with grading how Siri responds to […]

Participants selected for ICO Sandbox

Many projects, including innovations in crime prevention and technological advances in the health sector, are many to have been selected to take part in the ICO Sandbox.  The ICO Sandbox is an initiative which will support organisations that are developing innovative and viable products and services using personal data that has clear benefits to the […]

Websites are making less money since GDPR 

In a working paper, researchers have found that websites are earning less money since the EU General Data Protection Regulation went into effect.   The paper  examined data from Adobe Analytics, from before and after GDPR had been implemented, and looked at how the European privacy law impacted the revenue of online businesses.  The researchers looked […]

Ransomware infection hits Georgia police

A ransomware infection has hit the Georgia Department of Public Safety and has impacted police car laptops.  The infection affected the Georgia State Patrol, Georgia Capitol Police, and the Georgia Motor Carrier Compliance Division. As a result of the ransomware, the laptops installed in police cars, across some of the departments, lost connectivity and access […]

Scam impersonating WhatsApp offers “free internet”

A scam on WhatsApp is offering to give away 1000GB of internet data to its victims, in order to harvest users’ clicks.  Researchers from cybersecurity firm ESET, received a message on WhatsApp, offering to give away 1000 GB of internet data to celebrate WhatsApp’s 10th anniversary.  As well as the message, the URL that came […]