Data breach at the Maryland Department of Labor

The Maryland Department of Labor announced on Friday that unauthorised activity had been identified in two of its database systems. The two databases impacted were the Literacy Works Information System (LWIS) and a legacy unemployment insurance service database. As a result the department has started notifying approximately 78,000 people regarding the breach.  Impacted files stored […]

Record GDPR fine provides stark data and payment protection warning to business owners

PCI Pal’s CEO James Barham is encouraging businesses to step-up data protection processes and utilising descoping payment security technologies. Following reports confirming that British Airways had received notification from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) of its intention to issue BA with a fine of £183 million, CEO of PCI Pal, James Barham has stressed the […]

U.S Cyber Command issues warning about APT 

On July 2, the U.S Cyber Command issued a warning about a vulnerability in Outlook that had been exploited by a threat group.  “USCYBERCOM has discovered active malicious use of CVE-2017-11774 and recommends immediate #patching,” the command tweeted on Tuesday.  The vulnerability CVE-2017-11774, had been discovered by security researchers from SensePost in 2017 and was […]

Report reveals more than half of employees don’t adhere to security policies

According to a survey by Barracuda Network, 87% of respondents predicted email threats to increase in the coming year.  The survey of 280 high-level decision makers revealed in a blog post that 75% of respondents had witnessed a steady increase in email attacks against their own organisation, over the past three years. Just under half of […]

Nearly a third of people in the UK prefer passwords over biometric credentials

A report by GMX surveyed 1050 people in the UK and found that 30% of respondents prefer typing a password to access their online and mobile accounts.  A further 30% of respondents stated that they had at least 10 different online accounts, to which 43% felt overwhelmed by the number of passwords they had to […]

Germany fines Facebook for under-reporting complaints

Facebook are being fined €2m by Germany’s Federal Office of Justice for under-reporting the number of complaints it received about illegal content. Under Germany’s internet transparency law known as NetzDG, it is required for social media companies to report the number of complaints its receives regarding illegal content. However Facebook have been found violating the […]

Confirmed: Alexa voice recordings are kept forever

In a letter, Amazon has confirmed that Alexa holds voice recordings indefinitely unless users manually remove them.  US Democrat Senator Chris Coons sent a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in May, requesting answers on Alexa and the length of time it kept recordings and transcripts.  Amazon’s vice president of public policy, Brian Huseman replied […]