#Privacy: Threat Spotlight: Conversation Hijacking 

Beware of cybercriminals using conversation hijacking to steal money and sensitive personal information.  In recent months, Barracuda researchers have seen a sharp rise in domain-impersonation attacks used to facilitate conversation hijacking. An analysis of about 500,000 monthly email attacks shows a 400-percent increase in domain-impersonation attacks used for conversation hijacking. In July 2019, there were […]

#Privacy: Online eyewear stores exposes the data of 186K customers

A database containing 186,000 sales records and 40.4 million visitor IP addresses has been discovered online. Security researcher Jeremiah Fowler uncovered the database in October 2019, to which the sale records referenced VoogueMe.com and Zeelool.com.  Fowler explained that upon further research, it appears that the company is based in either mainland China or Hong Kong.  […]

#Privacy: Canadian online pharmacy discloses security incident 

PlanetDrugsDirect has started alerting its customers about a security breach that might have affected their private information.  PlanetDrugsDirect is an online prescription referral service which gives direct access to affordable prescription to its nearly 400,000 customers.  The pharmacy has notified an unknown number of customers via email about a data security incident that may have […]

#Privacy: Thousands of UK business professionals have had their data leaked

A London-based consulting has exposed the personal details of thousands of UK business professionals due to an exposed Amazon Web Services bucket.  Researchers at vpnMentors, Noam Rotem and Ran Locar, discovered the breach on December 9, 2019, to which contained “highly sensitive files” from numerous British consulting firms. The research team found that the files […]

#Privacy: App exposes thousands of baby photos

A leaky Elasticsearch database has resulted in thousands of images and videos of babies being leaked online.  The developer of the Peekaboo Moments app, Bithouse Inc, failed to secure a 100GB Elasticsearch database. The database had been left open accessible by anyone, and without any password protection.  The database contained over 70 million log files […]