Israeli database exposes high-ranking Israeli government officials

An Israeli database belonging to the online travel firm Amadeus has suffered a data breach, exposing the private details of millions of Israeli travelers. The security breach revealed the flight itineraries of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his family, as well as those of other senior officials. The hacker explained that he just had to […]

Snapchat: spying allegations are “wholly inaccurate”

Multiple employees have said to be allegedly abusing their access to private user data, Motherboard reveals. According to two former employees,  Snapchat have dedicated tools that can access consumer data, and it is these tools that are being abused be employees. Employees could view user location information, saved Snaps, phone numbers, and email addresses. SnapLion […]

London Underground will start tracking passengers through Wi-Fi

Following a trial in 2016, Transport for London (TfL) will roll out Wi-Fi tracking on the London Underground. In a press release TfL announced that “secure, privacy-protected data collection will begin on 8 July 2019” with improved customer services such as alerts about delays and congestion within stations. TfL also stated that individual customer data […]

UK political parties are failing to protect their members

A security vendor has revealed that UK political parties are failing miserably on email security, ahead of the European elections. It has been discovered that UK political parties participating in the European Parliament elections have a poor take-up of the DMARC protocol. Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) is a solution best utilised to […]