The Future Is Private

At Facebook’s annual developer conference F8 Mark Zuckerberg stood in front of a large screen in front of 5,000 developers and entrepreneurs’ that said “The Future is Private”  Forgive me for being sceptical but do we really believe that Facebook is going to lead the privacy revolution any more than we believe Donald Trump is […]

Half of US organisations won’t be prepared for CCPA

At the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ (IAPP) Global Privacy Summit, OneTrust and the IAPP announced the results from research analysing California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) preparedness in advance of the regulation’s Jan. 1, 2020 compliance deadline. The IAPP and OneTrust, surveyed U.S. organisations spanning size and industry, and found that while reputation and consumer privacy are the biggest […]

European enterprises falling behind in cloud adoption

Latest O’Reilly Media’s report “Evolving Data Infrastructure” reveals Europe’s progression on cloud adoption in comparison to its global counterparts. According to O’Reilly’s report, companies in Europe are falling behind with global cloud development in comparison to the US and Asia, and have taken much more time to adopt the necessary tools needed for analytics and […]

Microsoft drops its “ancient and obsolete” password expiration policy

Microsoft Corporation revealed their plans to scrap the password expiration policy for Windows 10 v1903 and Windows Server v1903. Announced in a blog post, organisations adopting the recommended settings will no longer force users to change their passwords on a recurring basis. Microsoft argued that when users are forced to create new unique passwords, users […]