#Privacy: Nedbank users impacted by data breach

Nedbank Group, one of South Africa’s largest banks, has disclosed a security incident warning customers of a potential impact of data.  In the notice, the bank explained that the breach occurred at Computer Facilities (Pty) Ltd., a third-party service provider that issues SMS and email marketing information for Nedbank.  Approximately, 1.7 million customers were potentially […]

#Privacy: US non-profit exposes private student documents

The Institute of International Education (IIE) has unwittingly exposed a database containing the personal information of thousands of students. Security researcher Bob Diachenko, who discovered the database, explained that IIE utilised a content management system, Drupal, which stored the documents on two identical MongoDB databases hosted at different IP addresses. Both databases were misconfigured and […]

#Privacy: World Health Organization warns of ongoing Coronavirus phishing attacks

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a warning about phishing attacks impersonating the organisation.  Cyber criminals are now capitalising on the fears surrounding the global health emergency Coronavirus, by disguising themselves as WHO.  “WHO is aware of suspicious email messages attempting to take advantage of the 2019 novel coronavirus emergency,” said the agency in […]

#Privacy: Data breach exposes 144K Canadians

A recent report has revealed that in the past two years, 144,000 Canadians have had their personal data compromised by several government departments and agencies.  According to an 800-page document tabled in the House of Commons and filed by Conservative MP Dean Allison, across 10 entities there was a total of 7,992 breaches.  The Canada Revenue […]