EU GDPR: Beyond Compliance

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is designed to protect individuals’ personal data and facilitate the exchange of information for businesses that operate in the EU. It has new requirements for data collection and processing that include hiring dedicated Data Protection Officers (DPOs) to safeguard personal information of citizens. And those requirements must […]

Google announces plans to downgrade trust in Symantec certificates after more illegit HTTPS certificates are issued

Google has announced that they are downgrading the level of trust that it has in Symantec certificates following an investigation that revealed ‘a continually increasing scope of misissuance’ by Symantec over a period of several years which has exposed users to significant dangers. Google Chrome developers plan to restrict transport layer security certificates sold by […]

Critical national infrastructure organisations are a target for cyber attacks: steps to understanding your risk exposure

Cybercrime forces companies of all sizes in almost every sector to take stock, but for those organisations that make up our critical national infrastructure, the threat of a cyber attack has serious repercussions that reach far beyond the disruption to the individual business. Yet we all depend on the reliable functioning of our critical infrastructure […]

Spring clean your workplace: five ways for businesses to protect against a data breach

Spring has sprung – and it’s not just your home that could use a seasonal makeover, your business operations could also benefit from some serious decluttering. Indeed, for businesses large and small, misplacing documents, files and electronic devices remains one of the key causes of security breaches. According to an information security breaches survey[1] commissioned […]

Fight fraud in telecommunications

Mobile network operators have long been targets for fraud and revenue risk.  The nature of these companies’ businesses – providing huge volumes of communications services to vast numbers of people – mean these companies generate significant revenues.  Wherever revenues are large, risk of fraud will be too. Mobile service providers generate revenues in two ways.  […]