The quadfecta of data protection

This year alone, we have seen a hacker take control of a hotel’s key card system, locking guests in their room until a ransom was paid; 2.5 million PlayStation and Xbox user credentials exposed and Aberdeen city council’s website overrun with hackers — and those are just the ones who have admitted to it. It’s no […]

Poll shows Brexit has left UK businesses confused about future of EU General Data Protection Regulation

As the wheels continue to turn on the UK’s exit from Europe, there are worrying signs that Brexit has left businesses unsure about how to prepare for the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The legislation, which has been years in the pipeline, is designed to harmonise data protection regulation throughout Europe and provide citizens with […]

The Road to GDPR Compliancy

Data is the currency of today’s digital economy, the oil of the 21st century. Personal data is considered our economical asset generated by our identities and our behaviour and we trade it for higher quality services and products. Online platforms act as intermediaries in a two-sided market collecting data from consumers and selling advertising slots […]