Why total network visibility is the antidote to slow-release cyber poison

Cyber security threats have long presented an ongoing problem for businesses, but recent data breaches and GDPR legislation have certainly highlighted the catastrophic consequences caused by attacks of this nature. Despite the intensified focus, and increasing investment in prevention strategy, the problem is very much ongoing. This is a particular concern for large global corporations, […]

Mindtree’s 2019 IT predictions: What we will see in the year ahead

In 2019… Artificial Intelligence will discover innovative new areas of application 2018 saw a tremendous increase in effort by enterprises to adopt AI/ML and leverage its benefits across the organisation. These efforts were however, held back in areas by resourcing constraints, expertise being limited to certain niche providers, and a gap in expected vs actual maturity […]

Remote working poses significant security risk to UK’s businesses, new research reveals

CybSafe, London, 20 December 2018 – A third of the UK’s micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have suffered a data breach because of remote working in the last 12 months, according to new research from CybSafe, the training and data analytics platform that helps organisations improve cyber security awareness, behaviour, and culture. Remote working […]

Operational journey: GDPR

‘Organisations that collect, process, or store data on EU citizens may be subject to request about how their personal information is being stored, handled, and processed – including who has access to it, and who is accessing it. Being able to answer, and address these questions in a timely manner is central to the citizens’ […]

Are you ready to report on GDPR compliance? Enterprise level reporting

Organisations had two years to prepare for GDPR compliance in the run-up to May 25, 2018. Now that the GDPR is in force, what will Regulators want to see? The question is no longer theoretical. The Dutch DPA recently announced an investigation into 30 large organisations regarding their GDPR compliance and at the outset will ask to […]