CEO’s still risk being the weakest link as security measures struggle to keep pace with innovation

A new report from The Bunker, the UK’s most secure cloud, managed services and data centre provider, has highlighted that senior executives are still often the weakest link in the corporate cybersecurity chain and that cybercriminals target this vulnerability to commit serious data breaches.   According to the white paper, Are You the Weakest Link? How Senior Executives […]

Driving GDPR compliance from the inside Out

GDPR compliance is a multidimensional challenge for nearly every enterprise. From a legal standpoint, it’s about having the right precautions in place to mitigate risk. Companies that are 94 percent compliant will have a contingency plan in case they’re investigated by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). From a technology standpoint, the road to compliance is […]

The CDO: the unsung champion of GDPR

The first service of a GDPR notice – to analytics firm AggregateIQ for its controversial use of voter data – reinforced the severity and significance of GDPR for organisations worldwide. Though the May 25, 2018 deadline for compliance may initially have been treated as a one-off, box-ticking exercise, the reality is that GDPR brings heightened, […]

Has GDPR made marketers more data conscious?

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018 has undoubtedly disrupted inbound and digital marketing strategies. From adding compliance overhead to the soaring cost of inbound campaigns and fear of non-compliance undermining confidence in outbound campaigns, marketers are struggling to meet revenue targets. But GDPR has also served as a massive […]

EU e-Privacy reforms hit stalemate

EU countries cannot agree on the wording of the planned new e-Privacy Regulation, causing the proposed reforms to be watered down. The lack of consensus was acknowledged in a progress report (7-page / 327KB PDF) published last week by the Council of Ministers on the work it has been carrying out on the reforms. The report confirmed […]

Why total network visibility is the antidote to slow-release cyber poison

Cyber security threats have long presented an ongoing problem for businesses, but recent data breaches and GDPR legislation have certainly highlighted the catastrophic consequences caused by attacks of this nature. Despite the intensified focus, and increasing investment in prevention strategy, the problem is very much ongoing. This is a particular concern for large global corporations, […]

Mindtree’s 2019 IT predictions: What we will see in the year ahead

In 2019… Artificial Intelligence will discover innovative new areas of application 2018 saw a tremendous increase in effort by enterprises to adopt AI/ML and leverage its benefits across the organisation. These efforts were however, held back in areas by resourcing constraints, expertise being limited to certain niche providers, and a gap in expected vs actual maturity […]