Former hospital worker prosecuted for inappropriately accessing patient records

A former employee of a Milton Keynes hospital trust has been prosecuted for accessing patient records without authorisation. Michelle Harrison of Milton Keynes, inappropriately accessed the records of 12 patients outside of her role as receptionist/general assistant in the Orthotics Department at Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust between March 2016 and January 2017. […]

Please do not feed the phish

We’ve all heard the phishing attack stories that start with someone receiving an email that requests an urgent invoice review or password change and ends with a data breach where personal information is compromised, and money is lost. Although many of us may roll our eyes at the possibility of falling for such an obvious […]

GDPR Summit London: James McDowell, Director of CyberSecurity Services, Blackberry

Blackberry’s Director of CyberSecurity Services, James McDowell will be sharing his views as a keynote speaker at next week’s GDPR Summit London. James will be among a number of industry leaders bringing their expertise to the conference at 155 Bishopsgate on Monday, which is designed to help organisations understand the requirements of the forthcoming General […]

An Experian data breach response guide

Data Breaches are one aspect of GDPR that organisations fear the most. The consequences of a breach could lead to reputational damage and significant fines. Jim Steven, Head of Data Breach Services at Experian, will be speaking at GDPR Summit London on Monday (23rd April). Mr Steven will discuss ‘HR best practice and mitigating risk’ which will cover: data […]

Businesses at risk due to unidentified network traffic according to global survey

New findings of a global survey, revealed that IT managers cannot identify 45 percent of their organization’s network traffic. In fact, nearly one-in-four cannot identify 70 percent of their network traffic. The survey ‘The Dirty Secrets of Network Firewalls’ by Sophos, found that the lack of visibility creates significant security challenges for today’s businesses and […]