Bringing laughter to the privacy party

Alison Beard, Senior Editor at Harvard Business Review”, “Laughter in the workplace boosts engagement, collaboration and productivity”. Internal communication done properly can change
a culture. Whether the subject is as mundane as personal data or as fundamental as transformational change in the business. Take for example GDPR’s requirements for ‘privacy by design’ to ensure minimal and […]

GDPR – Flamethrower or tweezers?

There is a consensus that while GDPR represents a massive challenge on a technical, planning and organisational level there will be an upside. Clearly preparation for it’s arrival represents a chance to weed out, prune and generally put a flame-thrower to superfluous or irrelevant data amassed over the decades as well as limiting and protecting […]

GDPR compliance for mobile workers

One of the challenges of achieving GDPR compliance will be securing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) held on laptops and other mobile devices. It is harder to track and at a greater risk of being compromised because it is not behind the company firewall. The solution is to take a strategic approach to data protection and […]