5 practical steps for GDPR preparation

This year the European Commission is taking a major step to standardise online privacy protections for its citizens. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires businesses to comply with new rules for collecting, sharing, and protecting personal data within the borders of the European Union (EU) or when exporting information internationally. The new rules that […]

The multinational impact of GDPR

Many businesses are yet to understand the sheer scale and breadth of changes their company data processing policies will need to undergo to comply with the general data protection regulation (GDPR). Here is an explanation of how the regulation will impact multinational businesses — and how they must prepare themselves. Benjamin Franklin once said, “By […]

Risk & response: Defending financial institutions

Managing and mitigating cyber risks can not only draw government scrutiny, but consumer scrutiny as well. Longstanding brand reputations are often anchored to institutions’ ability to protect their most sensitive data. Compared to other industries, financial services is consistently a top target for cyberattacks. With financial motives reigning supreme, it’s unsurprising that financial organisations faced […]

The business upside of your GDPR project

Complying with GDPR may seem like an onerous proposition, but there is an upside above and beyond avoiding fines: It could position your company to attain a host of business benefits. Realising these can enhance your reputation, increase revenues, improve customer loyalty, and advance your competitiveness. Here are four potential advantages of effectively undertaking a […]