Navigating the future of GDPR

As we cross the first-month marker of the GDPR’s implementation, how are organisations managing their journeys to compliance and what have we learnt so far? One of the first issues to note concerns the negative and positive hits that user experience (UX) is suffering. Traditionally, UX optimisation has been fueled by huge swathes of indiscriminately […]

GDPR and the Small Business

With the new EU data laws now in effect, business owners should be making progress on their journeys to legislative compliance. The internet is full of guidance from any number of would-be commentators giving their take on adapting to the new laws, but unified, authoritative discussion is in shorter supply. Data Protection Magazine bridges the […]

The HR impact of the GDPR

As we emerge blinking into the GDPR’s fresh dawn, few are under more pressure to adapt to the new legislative ecosystem than those in HR. This is because HR technologies, personnel and the processes they support are on the front line of data processing. These operations deal with highly sensitive information belonging to clients and […]